Postdoctoral training, a critical component in the sequence of psychology training, has evolved significantly in recent years and largely in the absence of any organizing body or structure. Although APPIC has supported postdoctoral training for a number of years, its main focus has been on internship training. Beginning in 2012 with the formation of the APPIC Postdoctoral Workgroup (now the Postdoctoral Committee), APPIC has dedicated an impressive number of resources to the postdoctoral training community. APPIC’s and the Committee’s goal is to learn more about the heterogeneous nature of postdoc programs and postdoctoral training within the profession of psychology and identify common and possibly unifying features. The goals of this analysis are to identify what APPIC can offer to postdoctoral programs, and to further postdoctoral training within the profession. More information on the current state of postdoctoral training can be found at (Postdoctoral Training Summit) and in a special issue of the journal Training and Education in Professional Psychology (2018) Vol 12, Issue 2, which contains articles discussing topics included in the postdoctoral training summit.

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Public Comment - Common Hold Date Proposal

APPIC and the APPIC Postdoctoral Committee invite individuals involved in postdoctoral training and selection (e.g., postdoctoral training directors and supervisors, internship training directors, recent and prospective postdoctoral applicants, committees, councils, and divisions) to provide public comment on the proposed Common Hold Date (CHD) postdoctoral selection process.

Click on the following link to view a very brief video (video link) overview of the CHD process. We believe the video will be helpful but we stress that reading through the entire document (CHD document) is needed to more fully understand the CHD proposal and provide meaningful feedback.

Feedback obtained through this comment period will inform the final version of future APPIC Postdoctoral Selection Guidelines, should APPIC adopt the Common Hold Date process.

Click on the following link to add your comment Public Comment Link

Public Comment will be accepted through 5/20/22.

Contact Wayne G. Siegel, ABPP, Chair of the APPIC Postdoctoral Committee with any questions at or 612-467-4024.


APPIC's Postdoc-Related Email Lists

  • Postdoc-News
    • Applicants and program directors are strongly advised to subscribe
    • Information only group
    • The primary source through which information about postdoctoral selection and training is disseminated
    • Information on posting Major Program Changes can be found by clicking on this link.  
    • Click on the link above for more information to sign up 
  • Postdoc-Network
    • Discussion list for postdoctoral applicants and programs
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Postdoctoral Selection Guidelines

All Postdoctoral Programs and Applicants are strongly encouraged to adhere to Postdoctoral Selection Guidelines for the 2021/2022 selection process. Click the blue link above to learn more about the guidelines.

  • Last year, 85% of clinically focused programs listed in the UPPD agreed to follow the guidelines and the UND – Uniform Notification Date.
  • Programs surveyed following the UND indicated that the guidelines worked well or very well for 85% of programs that responded.
  • Applicants surveyed indicated that those reporting on rank of positions, 90% indicated that they secured a position with their first or second-ranked program.
  • Graphic Timelines for postdoctoral selection have been developed for applicants and directors of internship and postdoctoral programs.
  • Applicants can download a Spreadsheet Template to track important information about postdoctoral programs, This is intended to help applicants compare critical variables and rank programs they are considering applying to.
  • Clarification on reciprocal offers has been developed for both applicants and postdoctoral training directors.
  • Programs appear to have several core misunderstandings that are held regarding the guidelines. Click on the hyperlink for clarification.

Universal Psychology Postdoctoral Directory (UPPD)

  • Click on the blue link above to go to the UPPD.
  • The UPPD is a centralized resource for all postdoctoral programs (APPIC and non-APPIC member programs) to list positions and for applicants to search for positions. To clarify, the APPIC Directory Online (DOL) contains listings only for APPIC postdoctoral member programs.
  • There are more than 1400 listings currently.

Postdoctoral applicants:

  • Click on the blue link above to search the UPPD
  • Click on the following link for instructions how to search the UPPD.

Postdoctoral training directors:

To create a new account and enter a program listing in the UPPD:

  • Click on the following link to create an account - Register.  Enter your email and create a password. Then watch your inbox for an email indicating that your registration has been approved. Be sure to save the email and password you used.
  • After you are approved, log into the directory - Login. You will automatically be redirected to the directory page where a large blue button will allow you to add or manage listings.

To edit an existing listing in the UPPD:

  • Click on the following link to log in  - Login 
  • Your email is your username. Make sure you use the same email you used when you set up your account.
  • If you forgot your password, you can request to have it reset. 
  • The email or username must be the one used when the account was established.

Training Director Change

If there has been a change in Training Director or administrative support, to access your program's UPPD listing(s)...

  • The new Training Director needs to create a UPPD account - click Register
  • Email who will link the new account to your program listing(s). This will allow you to edit your program listing(s). 

It is essential that UPPD listings from last year for the current selection cycle (2021/2022) be updated by September 1, 2021. We encourage you to review and update all your program information for all listings in addition to those fields that have been cleared.


APPA CAS (APPIC Psychology Postdoctoral Application)

  • APPA CAS is APPIC's sponsored online application for postdoctoral programs.
  • Clicking on the blue link above will take you to the APPIC APPA CAS page which contains detailed information for programs and applicants about accessing and using APPA CAS as well as several educational resources.
  • For Training Directors, note that APPA CAS is not linked to your UPPD (Universal Psychology Postdoctoral Directory) listing. Programs wanting to use APPA CAS to receive applications must register with our vendor and configure a program portal.

COVID-19 Resources

A range of resources related to psychology postdoctoral training during the COVID-19 Pandemic can be found in the COVID-19 section of the APPIC site. These include but are not limited to information on virtual orientation, socialization while teleworking, telesupervision, and virtual interviewing. Updates will be made as more resources become available.

Virtual Interview Guidance

It is strongly recommended that all postdoctoral programs review APPIC's Virtual Interview Guidance as they consider interview format options. The document highlights guiding principles and recent survey data that will help program make informed decisions.

Education Resources for the Selection Process (applicants and programs)

Application and Selection Narrated PowerPoint:

  • The Postdoctoral Committee has developed a Narrated PowerPoint for applicants and internship training directors and others to use to educate current interns (postdoctoral program applicants) about the selection process and how to more successfully use the Postdoctoral Selection Guidelines. A pdf of the PowerPoint slides and notes is available by clicking on the following link.

Q and A Webinars:

  • The Postdoctoral Committee will be holding a series of Q and A Webinars for postdoctoral applicants and training directors on the postdoctoral selection process. Downloadable copies of the FAQs with answers and recordings of the webinars are available on the Q and A webpage. 

Education on Postdoctoral Training and the Postdoctoral Application Process: For Graduate Students and Recently Matched Interns:

  • The Postdoctoral Committee has developed a PowerPoint presentation to assist psychology graduate students and recently match interns in learning about postdoctoral training and the postdoctoral selection process. Postdoctoral training is an important part of the sequence of psychology training. The PowerPoint can be used by graduate students or by graduate program faculty.

Postdoctoral Selection Webinar

  • On 11/12/20, the APPIC Postdoctoral Committee held a virtual round table discussion on postdoctoral selection with interested members of the postdoctoral training community. 

Guidelines for the APPIC POSTDOC-NEWS Major Program Changes:  

Please note that these announcements are restricted to MAJOR PROGRAM CHANGES ONLY (e.g., receiving APA/CPA accreditation or APPIC membership for the first time, adding or removing a major training area, discovering a major error or omission in your UPPD – Universal Psychology Postdoctoral Directory listing or program materials, implementing a major change in the stipend, closing of a program).  In most cases, this will be information that you feel will significantly affect applicants' decisions to apply to your program or that is related to the application process at your site (rather than changes that you could easily communicate to applicants in other ways, such as updating your Universal Directory Program listing, emailing them or notifying them during interviews).

Since most programs experience some changes each year, we are restricting this service to major changes that will most impact students' decisions to apply to programs.  Changes that would typically NOT qualify for this service include a change in Training Director or other personnel (unless such a change significantly impacts your program), a minor change in stipend (e.g., less than 10%), re-accreditation by APA/CPA, renewal of an existing APPIC membership, and the addition of a position in an existing track, emphasis or specialty area.

If you wish to make use of this service, please first review the above guidelines.  If your announcement meets these guidelines, e-mail the following information to Dr. Wayne Siegel at

1.   Program Name (exactly as it is listed in the Universal Psychology Postdoctoral Directory)
2.   Institution
3.   Location of site (i.e., city and state)
4.   APPIC membership status (Yes/No - refers to if the program is an APPIC member that is also listed in the APPIC Member Directory)
5.   APA Accreditation status (Yes/No)
6.   Name and contact information (e-mail and/or phone number) for the Training Director.
7.   A brief (hopefully one or two sentences) description of the major change to your program including a rational as to why it constitutes a major change (e.g., We added a postdoctoral position in the treatment of XXX)
8.  Url link to the program’s UPPD listing

Your request MUST be in the following format.

Program Name:  
APPIC membership status:
APA Accreditation status:

Training Director:
Description of the major change:
UPPD link:

While a majority of applicants will receive your announcement, some will not as they are not yet subscribed to POSTDOC-NEWS.  Thus, we strongly recommend that you also directly inform applicants of program changes.

We appreciate the subjective nature of what constitutes a MAJOR CHANGE. In making such decisions, we will balance the need to keep applicants informed and maintain the purpose of the APPIC POSTDOC-NEWS and POSTDOC-NETWORK list servs.

How to Become an APPIC Postdoc Member Program

Postdoctoral training programs that are accredited by the American Psychological Association are recognized as meeting the APPIC Postdoctoral Membership criteria. All others must meet APPIC’s Membership Criteria. Click on the following to access the APPIC eMembership portal and submit an apply to become an APPIC Member Postdoctoral Program.

Statement on Supervision and Licensure 

During the COVID-19 crisis, postdoctoral training sites should remain committed to providing supervised hours and experiences to meet licensure requirements. It is important for programs to communicate regularly with their state boards of psychology and provide supervision in accordance with the latest local, state, and national policies that govern training in psychology.  Given the ever-changing landscape, programs are encouraged to be flexible with educational and licensing requirements consistent with the CCTC Statement on Education and Training Considerations during the COVID-19 Pandemic and to be transparent with postdoctoral fellows regarding changes and modifications for supervised hours and licensure requirements.