The APPIC Application for Psychology Internships (AAPI) is the culmination of a multi-year effort by APPIC to make the internship application process more efficient and cost-effective for applicants, doctoral programs, and internship sites. The AAPI Centralized Application Service (AAPI CAS) has been a collaborative process with APPIC's partner, Liaison International, a company that specializes in centralized application services. The AAPI content was created with input from APPIC Member Internship Programs, APPIC Doctoral Program Associates, and doctoral psychology graduate students.

The AAPI will be used for each upcoming selection cycle. Students from APPIC Doctoral Program Associate programs are eligible to use the AAPI to apply to APPIC-member internship programs that register to participate in the APPIC Match. All applications for the APPIC Match must be submitted via AAPI CAS, and no site may request a printed copy of a student's application materials. AAPI Enhancements occur each match cycle based on feedback solicited by APPIC from DCTs, Internship TDs, and current or recent internship applicants.

We welcome your feedback about the AAPI! Please direct your comments and concerns to the AAPI Coordinator, Dr. Kimberly Hill at AAPIcoordinator@appic.org.