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Content Questions
AAPI Coordinator


Kimberly Hill, PhD

Board Liaison: Heather Yardley, PhD


Technical Issues (difficulty uploading, problems logging in)


AAPI Online Technical Support
M-F 9am - 5pm Eastern Time - (617) 612-2899


Content Questions
APPA Online Coordinator


Amy Silberbogen, PhD, ABPP

Technical Issues (difficulty uploading, problems logging in)


APPA CAS Technical Support
M-F 9am - 5pm Eastern Time - (617) 612-2061

APPIC Match and Post-Match Vacancy Service

APPIC Match Coordinator


Greg Keilin, PhD - (512) 410-0002

Matching Service


National Matching Services Inc.
Phone: (800) 461-6322
Fax: (844) 977-0555

APPIC Web Site and E-Mail Lists

Web Master


Jessie Shapley/APPIC Central Office (832) 284-4080

List Manager


Nicole Dorsey, PhD





Content and Technical Questions


Time2Track Support

APPIC Directory

Login/Technical Access Difficulties


Contact the APPIC Central Office - (832) 284-4080

Directory Editor / Board Contact


Denise Mercurio-Riley, PhD 

APPIC Membership

Membership Services Coordinator


Claytie Davis, III, PhD, ABPP - (832) 284-4080

Login/Access/Upload/Submit Difficulties


Contact the APPIC Central Office
APPIC Central Office - (832) 284-4080

Questions about NEW Membership or RENEWALS for Internship Programs


Britt Nielsen, PsyD, ABPP
Chair, Internship Membership & Review Committee

Questions about Membership Applications and Renewals for Postdoctoral Programs


Marissa Feldman, PhD, ABPP
Chair, Postdoctoral Membership & Review Committee

Questions about Doctoral Program Associate (DPA) Status


Claytie Davis, PhD, ABPP - (832) 284-4080

Mentorship Program


APPIC Central Office
Check the APPIC Calendar for a listing of Mentor Community Calls for support opportunities

Postdoctoral Issues

Postdoctoral Issues (including questions about the APPIC Selection Standards and Common Hold Date)


Amy Silberbogen, PhD, ABPP

Problem Consultation

Informal Problem Consultation (IPC)


Use the APPIC Informal Problem Consultation Form
Click Here for IPC Request

Formal Complaints


The APPIC IPC MUST be used first (See Above) - Allison Aosved, PhD, ABPP
Co-Chair, APPIC Standards and Review Committee 

APPIC Publications

TEPP Journal (Training and Education in Professional Psychology)


Debora Bell, PhD, ABPP, Editor

APPIC Newsletter


APPIC Publications Committee
APPIC Newsletter Editor - (440) 526-3030
Submit articles to:

Other APPIC Contacts

Chair, 2023-24 APPIC Board of Directors


Shona Vas, PhD, ABPP

2024 Membership Conference


Matt Zimmermann, PsyD, ABPP (

APPIC Central Office

17225 El Camino Real
Onyx One - Suite #170
Houston, TX  77058-2700

Phone: (832) 284-4080

Executive Director:
Mariella Self, PhD, ABPP

APPIC Central Office Staff:

Jessie Shapley
IT & Dues Payments, Website, Application Status

Lex Blanco
Dues Payments; database inquiries; general questions

Claytie Davis, III, PhD, ABPP
Membership Services Coordinator

Kimberly Hill, PhD
AAPI Coordinator

Greg Keilin, PhD
Match and PMVS Coordinator

Office Hours: M-F 9:00-5:00 Central
(Most Federal Holidays Observed)