About the APPIC Directory


The APPIC Directory is provided as a service to students, graduate faculty, and training directors in identifying APPIC-member internship and post-doctoral training programs that are likely to meet specific training needs. Only APPIC-member internship and post-doctoral training programs are listed in the APPIC Directory. See the Directory Inclusion Criteria for more information about the programs listed in the APPIC Directory.


The APPIC Directory is available in an electronic format. It provides information about each APPIC-member internship and postdoctoral program and provides a number of search options that allow users to quickly identify programs of interest. The contents of the APPIC Directory OnLine represent the best efforts of APPIC to provide accurate information, but due to membership and programmatic changes and the exigencies of reporting, APPIC cannot assure absolute accuracy at any given time.

APPIC is not an accrediting agency, and thus the term "APPIC-accredited" should NEVER be used. A listing in the Directory indicates only that a program is an APPIC Member and has declared itself to be in compliance with APPIC membership policies. Verification of current APPIC membership status may be obtained from the APPIC Central Office. The accreditation status of any internship or postdoctoral program may be verified via the APA (for U.S.-based programs) or the CPA (for Canadian programs) web sites.

Updating your APPIC Directory Information (Programs Only)

Each program is required to update its Directory information at least annually (typically no later than July), although programs should update their information whenever changes to their program occur. Members are strongly encouraged to regularly update their APPIC Directory information as out-of-date content is applicants #1 complaint to APPIC. It is the responsibility of each individual training program to ensure that the information contained in the Directory is accurate and up-to-date.

Directories Sponsored by Other Organizations

The following websites provide directories of internship and postdoctoral training programs and are maintained by other organizations. APPIC is not responsible for the content of these directories.

APPIC Directories from Prior Years

Beginning in 1972, APPIC published its Directory of internship and postdoctoral programs in book form. In 2008, the Directory moved to an online, searchable format. Each year, after the required annual update by Training Directors, APPIC makes available for download a "frozen" copy of the Directory, essentially a snapshot of the Directory's contents as of the summer of that year. For example, the 2019-2020 APPIC Directory was generated in the summer of 2019. Each .pdf includes appendicies with pertinent statistical information from that year.

Please note that these "frozen" copies of the Directory were accurate as of the dates created and are available for historical purposes only; please use the online version of the Directory for the most current information.

Previous "frozen" versions of the APPIC Directory are available below. While some of the newer versions are searchable, many of these files are photocopies of printed (sometimes torn or wrinkled) pages and thus not searchable. It is hoped these online versions will be of assistance to those needing to identify if their internship was a member of APPIC at the time they completed their internship or postdoc.

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Mailing Lists

Mailing lists (e-mail addresses or mailing labels) may be purchased from Central Office for $100 for one time use. All requests must be approved by the Executive Director or the APPIC Board Chair. Use is restricted to approved mailings and not for solicitation that is unrelated to training and supervision. Contact APPIC Central Office at and include a detailed request.


Contact Information for the APPIC Directory

If you have questions about the APPIC Directory, contact information is available on the "Contact Us" page (please scroll to the "APPIC Directory" section). Information about the APPIC Directory Committee is available here.