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Paying Your Fees and Dues

Paying Your Fees and Dues 

Fee Schedule

APPIC begins sending Dues/Fee announcements during January of each year.

Many programs pay by credit card or print an invoice and send payment by check. Hopefully, these FAQs will provide some helpful information.

  • FAQ #1. How do I Pay the APPIC Membership or DPA fees by Credit Card?
    • To pay your annual dues/fees by credit card, please locate the dues email that you (the Director of Clinical Training/Training Director) received that provides the amount due.  It will have a link that takes you to your eMembership profile. There will be a form with empty fields below your dues information where you enter your card information.
      • If you request your administrative assistant or Accounting Department pay the dues, please forward them that email with the link as well as the link to this page.
  • FAQ #2. Why am I not seeing a place to put in my credit card information?
    • To see the fields/form that require your card information, you will need to go through the link on your dues email. The answer to the question below provides information on how to do so.
  • FAQ #3. What do I do if the link from the email does not work?
    • The link should be copied and pasted into your open browser because it is possible that the link broke when the email was forwarded. If the link still does not work, then you may pay by check or call the APPIC Central Office at 832-284-4080 to pay by credit card over the phone*.
  • FAQ #4. How Do I Pay the APPIC Membership or DPA fees by Check?
    • To pay by check, please go to your eMembership profile and Click On the tab that says Payment. You can click the PRINT button to print your invoice. After printing the invoice, please try to provide your invoice number or your APPIC membership code number somewhere on the check or check information page to indicate the program number(s) that are being paid (i.e., memo, invoice number, etc.).
  • FAQ #5. I am not going to be a part of this year’s APPIC Internship Match. Do I still need to pay the APPIC membership dues?
    • APPIC member dues are required of all APPIC members. If you have interns on-site for any part of the year and you want to stay in good standing with your APPIC membership, you must pay your membership dues. If you are not participating in the APPIC Match for this cycle, you will need to contact the APPIC Central Office and update us on the changes to your program regarding participating in the match. We will provide the next action to take, which usually includes withdrawing from the Match and updating your eMembership – Directory information.
  • FAQ #6. When is a late fee applied to our payment?
    • APPIC member dues and fees are due no later than April 1 of each year. After that date, a $50 late fee is applied.

*Before paying by phone or by check, please be ready to provide your APPIC Member code number. This can be found in your eMembership profile under the “Program” tab.