Postdoctoral Selection PowerPoint Presentations


The APPIC Postdoctoral Committee has developed a PowerPoint presentation for applicants, internship and postdoctoral training directors, and others to use to educate current interns (postdoctoral program applicants) about the postdoctoral selection process.  The PowerPoint provides important information, resources, and tips on selection, as well as on how to successfully navigate the new Postdoctoral Selection Standards.  

The PowerPoint Presentation is available in multiple formats or versions. Click on the corresponding link below to view or download your preferred format.  You can view the full narrated PowerPoint (42 minutes) in its entirety, or you can view the four distinct sections separately (i.e., Introduction, Resource, Review of the Standards, and Recommendations).  The last link is the PowerPoint slide deck with notes (but no narration).  

Partial Narrated Video – Introduction to Postdoctoral Training. An Overview and Important Considerations 

Partial Narrated Video– Resources. Tools to Assist Postdoctoral Applicants 

Partial Narrated Video – A Review of the APPIC Selection Standards and Common Hold Date 

Partial Narrated Video – Recommendations to Make Your Postdoc Search a Success 

Full Narrated Video – Full Presentation 

Full PowerPoint Version with Narration Notes 

Questions about the APPIC Postdoctoral Selection Standards and CHD or APPIC recommendations regarding recruitment and selection should be directed to Wayne Siegel, Ph.D., ABPP, the APPIC Postdoctoral Committee Chair ( or 612-467-4024), the APPIC Postdoctoral Committee, or the APPIC Board of Directors