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APPIC Informal Problem Consultation

Please refer to APPIC policies governing the Informal Problem Consultation (IPC) process. These can be found at the following link: This IPC form should be used by APPIC Members, APPIC Doctoral Program Associates (DPAs) and psychology trainees that are enrolled in or completing one of these programs.

Please complete the following information. When you click on submit, the information is submitted to an APPIC Central Office database. Information will be provided to the APPIC Board or Executive Director. It is expected you will be contacted within 48 Hours of your submission, but not longer than 3 working days. If contact information is missing, APPIC will have no way to contact you. You may wish to print a copy for your records.

Programs and trainees are encouraged to use this form when they are interested in consultation from APPIC. APPIC generally does not mediate problems, but does try to provide an "outside" perspective on the problem. Filing an IPC is required BEFORE filing a formal complaint (ASARC).