Universal Psychology Postdoctoral Directory

The APPIC Selection Guidelines indicate that agreements between postdoctoral programs and postdoctoral applicants are considered professional agreements, and our expectation is that both programs and students will exhaust all efforts to preserve their professional commitments.

The Universal Psychology Postdoctoral Directory (UPPD) is a listing of openings for postdoctoral training. APPIC Member programs who have been reviewed for membership can be found here: https://membership.appic.org/directory/search.

APPIC has developed the UPPD as a free service to the psychology postdoctoral training community of programs and applicants. It is available to all postdoctoral training programs, including non-APPIC member training programs.

The UPPD is intended to assist postdoctoral applicants become aware of postdoctoral training opportunities in the U.S. and Canada. Its goal is to provide a one-stop shop for applicants to learn about postdoctoral opportunities.

Please note that APPIC does not endorse the quality of any programs listed in the UPPD or the accuracy of information provided by Training Directors.

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If there is a postdoctoral program that you are not able to find in directory, please let us know by emailing the APPIC Postdoctoral Committee Chair, Wayne Siegel, Ph.D., ABPP wayne.siegel@va.gov. We want to ensure the search functions are working properly and that all postdoctoral programs have the opportunity to be listed.