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For Students

For Students

Below you will find an assortment of links to help you throughout the match process and your transition as a postdoctoral student. Please use these links to help answer any questions you may have. Not all links presented are endorsed by APPIC, and the user is responsible for determining the accuracy, utility, and appropriateness of the information presented.

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American Psychological Association of Graduate Students (APAGS)

Diversity Resources

Early Career Issues

About the Match

  • APPIC Match
  • The Couples Match - by Timoty L. Verduin (article from Div12 Newsletter)
    Download PDF
  • Match Policies
  • A Guide to Navigating the Psychology Internship Application Process: Match Made on Earth - Download PDF
  • Example of Contract Letters Requested by Academic Sites
  • On Surviving a No-Match Result - by Monica M. Frederick (article from Div12 Newsletter) Download PDF

Postdoctoral Training

Financial Aid Information

Health Matters

Guidelines for Pregnancy and Family Care Issues

International Visa Issues

Student Issues

Moving/Relocating Resources

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