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APPIC Member Internship and Postdoctoral Health Service Psychology Training Programs

APPIC members are institutions where health service psychology doctoral interns and/or postdoctoral residents are trained. The Training Director of each member site serves as the contact person. APPIC member sites are billed annually for membership dues at least one month prior to the due date. Dues are for the CURRENT calendar year. The dues payment covers January 1 through December 31. Payment of dues is a condition of membership. Dues are nonrefundable and are not prorated for partial year membership. Programs that do not pay dues before April 1 will be assessed a $50 late fee. Programs that do not pay dues prior to September 1 will be subject to being deemed withdrawn from APPIC and will be removed from the APPIC Directory without approval for continuation from the APPIC Board or Executive Director. APPIC Member dues ($450) most recent increase was in 2011. APPIC DPA affiliation fee was last increased in 2011 ($275). APPIC match fees for both internships and DPA programs were increased in 2012, 2017 and 2022. The cost is contingent on the vendor's requirement. Regarding the most recent increase in 2022, APPIC absorbed part of that cost to ensure there was no increase to applicants.

Match Fees and Dues are required to be paid in full and are not refundable or reduced when a program withdraws from the match once the fees have been paid to APPIC nor is the program eligible for a partial refund if they leave APPIC prior to the end of the year. Programs should carefully consider whether they will be participating in the match or want to retain membership, as this could affect the program's current trainees. Programs that withdraw or initiate withdrawal but maintain membership will NOT be charged for a match fee for the next cycle unless they request to be placed back in the match. At that time, the program would be charged the match fee in order to participate in the APPIC match.

$450 - Membership dues for a single program (either internship or postdoctoral) that has been approved for membership by the appropriate APPIC Membership Committee.

$700 - Combined membership dues. For sites that have both an internship and a postdoctoral program that have been approved for membership by the respective membership committees.  Postdoctoral Training Programs can have separate training programs with one Training Director and multiple training coordinators for the different programs but all must be located at one site.

$175 - Match Fee. All internship member sites are required to pay the Match fee unless they are not participating in the Match for the FOLLOWING year. These fees are due at the time annual dues are paid.

$300 - Membership Application Fee. This fee is required of internship and postdoctoral programs that are applying for membership, regardless of APA-accreditation status. Application deadlines are April 1 and August 1 of each year. Application fees are non-refundable and can be paid by credit card within the application or by calling APPIC Central Office at 832.284.4080 as well as mailing a check to APPIC Central Office - 17225 El Camino Real - Suite #170 - Houston, TX 77058. Applications undergo the review process until the end of the year, 12/31. If membership criteria is not met by this date (12/31), the program's materials will be removed from the application portal and the program is required to resubmit their materials, so please keep a copy if you plan to resubmit as all application information is cleared out on 12/31. The application fee is good 1/1 through 12/31 and it is best to submit an application within 60 days prior to the application submission deadline (April 1 or August 1) and certainly NOT after August 1. Programs MUST confirm the program has SUBMITTED their application as technology is not always perfect. It is best to call APPIC Central Office to confirm the application has been successfully submitted (832.284.4080) and is ready for preliminary review by Clover Educational Consultants.

$250 - Appic Renewal Fee. This fee is imposed on APPIC members that are not yet accredited and are required to submit materials every 3 years to the APPIC Renewal Committee through eMembership online. The renewal fee began with submissions that occurred after January 1, 2015.

$50 - Late Fee. Required if membership dues are not received by the APPIC Central Office before April 1.

$50 - For each additional Postdoc Program that is in conjunction with ONE APPIC Member Postdoc training program. This is offered to Postdoc training programs that want to have each of their programs listed as separate programs in the DoL and are available at their main site and each has their own Training Director.

APPIC Doctoral Program Associates (DPA)

APPIC DPAs are doctoral programs in health service psychology that have been reviewed by APPIC and approved for DPA status and have paid their annual DPA fee and Match fees. New doctoral programs (non DPA status) must submit a DPA application, provide a letter authorizing a site visit from the appropriate accrediting body and be reviewed by the APPIC DPA Review Committee.

$275 - Annual APPIC DPA Fee for Doctoral Program Associates.

$50 - Late Fee. Required if DPA Fees are not received by the APPIC Central Office before May 1.

Annual Match Fees. All APPIC DPA programs are required to pay the Match fee.

$350 (DPA Programs with 0-10 students registering for the previous year match).

$520 (DPA Programs with 11-50 students registering for the previous year match).

$770 (DPA Programs with 51+ students registering for the previous year match).

PMVS Only Doctoral Programs

$295 - Review APPIC Policy on Doctoral Program Associates for eligibility requirements

Non-Accredited APPIC Member Internship Programs

This fee is required of non-accredited member internship programs that have been reviewed and approved to participate in the APPIC Post Match Vacancy Service. This fee is collected by APPIC Central office at the time dues payments are required. Please note that specific policies and limitations apply to non-accredited programs that have been approved to participate in the APPIC Post Match Vacancy Service.

$160- Non-Accredited APPIC Psychology Internship Member PMVS Fee.

Students Participating in the APPIC Match

$130 - This fee is collected by National Matching Services from applicants registering for the APPIC Internship Match.