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Accreditation Readiness Project (ARP)

Accreditation Readiness Project (ARP)

Last Updated 10/10/2016:

APPIC encourages member programs to seek accreditation and to be part of the next phase of its Accreditation Readiness Project.

The purpose of this project is to support APPIC-member internship programs moving toward American Psychological Association (APA) accreditation. The target audience is programs prepared to write the APA-required self-study consistent with the APA Standards of Accreditation, which will be in effect beginning January 1, 2017.

APPIC is currently recruiting internship programs who wish to receive free hands-on support and consultation around developing a self-study for APA accreditation. This APPIC-funded support serves as Phase III of APPIC’s Accreditation Readiness Project (ARP). Last year, 33 internship programs completed the ARP program, and the vast majority of those programs were successful in submitting a self-study for accreditation following the conclusion of the support project. In 2017, APPIC is committed to supporting another group of up to 48 internship programs who wish to receive support around developing their self-study.

APPIC has contracted with Clover Educational Consulting Group (Clover) to administer Phase III of the ARP project. Specifically, Clover will select up to 48 programs to receive monthly consultation and support in the development of a self-study for accreditation over the period of January-December, 2017. Selected programs will participate in Clover-administered “Learning Communities”, which will be comprised of small groups of internship programs. Clover will provide instructional webinars related to the accreditation process, monthly group Q&A sessions, tailored consultation to individual programs, and feedback on self-study documents.

If selected, your internship would begin engaging in learning community activities in January 2017. Please note that engagement in this initiative indicates a readiness and willingness to engage in a structured program with monthly tasks, to receive a high level of consultative support, and to complete a self-study for accreditation during the 2017 calendar year. Participants will be selected based upon a number of criteria. Because participant slots are limited, submitting an application for inclusion does not guarantee selection.

To apply to participate go to this page for details: Click Here

If you have additional questions please contact APPIC.

Allison N. Ponce, Ph.D.

Associate Professor - Psychiatry

Yale University School of Medicine



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