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Summary of APPIC's E-Mail Lists

APPIC's E-Mail Lists

APPIC maintains a number of e-mail lists for use by the psychology training community. APPIC's "News" lists are used for the distribution of news and announcements from APPIC to the list members, while "Network" lists allow for discussion among the participants.

Below is a summary of the various e-mail lists offered by APPIC.  Please click on the name of the list for information about subscribing, posting, and other functions.

Lists Open to the Public

Match-News - News and information from APPIC about the APPIC Match (Essential for all Match participants)

PMVS - Post-Match Vacancy Service update notifications

Intern-Network - Discussion list for interns and intern applicants

Postdoc-News - News and information from APPIC about postdoctoral training

Postdoc-Network - Discussion list for postdocs and postdoc applicants

Jobs-Network - Discussion and announcements of psychology jobs or positions that are not part of postdoctoral training programs

Public-News - News and information from APPIC for the public

Lists Restricted to APPIC-Member Internship and Postdoctoral Training Directors

Members-News - News and information from APPIC specifically for APPIC-member TDs

Members-Network - General discussion list for all APPIC-member TDs

Postdoc-Members-Network - Discussion list focused on postdoctoral issues

Consortia-Members-Network - Discussion list focused on consortia issues 

Lists Restricted to DCTs of APPIC-Associate Doctoral Programs

Associates-News - News and information from APPIC specifically for DCTs of APPIC-Associate doctoral programs

Need Help?

If you need assistance with any APPIC list, please contact the APPIC List Manager, Dr. Nicole Dorsey, at Listmanager@appic.org .