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Accreditation Readiness Project for Canadian Programs (ARP-C)

Accreditation Readiness Project for Canadian Programs (ARP-C)

Last Updated 10/07/2020:

APPIC is very pleased to announce the implementation of the Accreditation Readiness Project for Canadian Programs to help support APPIC internship member programs located in Canada to move towards accreditation with the Canadian Psychological Association (CPA).  While APPIC has supported a similar program for programs located in the United States (the Accreditation Readiness Project [ARP]), this will be our first program specifically supporting Canadian internship programs.

Broadly, APPIC heavily encourages all internship member programs to seek accreditation.  This is especially encouraged given APPIC’s recent policy change that requires full member APPIC internship programs to be accredited by the CPA or American Psychological Association (APA) to access all phases of the match starting in July 2023.  Please see more information at https://www.appic.org/About-APPIC/APPIC-Policies/Policy-on-Full-Member-Internship-Accreditation-Requirement-for-APPIC-Match-Eligibility.

The target audience for ARP-C is programs prepared to write the CPA-required self-study consistent with CPA Accreditation Policies and Procedures (https://cpa.ca/docs/File/Accreditation/Procedures_Nov2019Rev_Final.pdf) with a target submission date of June 15th, 2021.

APPIC is planning for October 2020 to be a recruitment period for internship programs who wish to receive free hands-on support and consultation around developing a self-study for CPA accreditation. APPIC has contracted with Dr. Susan Vandermorris, a former Training Director, and Dr. Jacquie Cohen, a current Training Director, to support implementation of this program. Specifically, Drs. Vandermorris and Cohen will be involved with selection of programs to receive monthly consultation and support in the development of a self-study for accreditation over the period of November 2020 - June 2021. Selected programs will participate in meetings related to the accreditation process, monthly group Q&A sessions, consultation to individual programs, and feedback on self-study documents.

If selected, your internship would begin engaging in the program in November 2020. Please note that engagement in this initiative indicates a readiness and willingness to engage in a structured program with monthly tasks, to receive a high level of consultative support, and to complete a self-study for accreditation with a target submission date by June 15th, 2021. Participants will be selected based upon a number of criteria and submission of an application for inclusion does not guarantee selection.

If you are interested in taking part in this program or have other questions, please contact Dr. Susan Vandermorris at svandermorris@baycrest.org. If you have questions about APPIC’s involvement in this program, please contact Daniel Hurley at daniel.hurley@allina.com.  


Daniel B. Hurley, Ph.D.
APPIC Board Member
Allina Health