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Accreditation Readiness Project for Canadian Programs (ARP-C)

Accreditation Readiness Project for Canadian Programs (ARP-C)

Last Updated September 5, 2023

APPIC is pleased to announce that the Accreditation Readiness Project for Canadian Programs (ARP-C) is recruiting for the 2023-24 cycle, which will begin in November 2023.

APPIC encourages member programs to seek accreditation, especially given APPIC’s policy requiring internship programs be accredited to access the APPIC Match (https://www.appic.org/About-APPIC/APPIC-Policies/Policy-on-Full-Member-Internship-Accreditation-Requirement-for-APPIC-Match-Eligibility). To support internship programs as they move toward accreditation, APPIC provides hands on support and consultation through the Accreditation Readiness Project (ARP) for U.S.-based programs and the ARP-C for Canadian programs.

The ARP-C provides Directors of Training with no-cost (i.e., fully funded by APPIC) monthly consultation and individualized support as they develop program materials and write their self-study for submission to the Canadian Psychological Association (CPA) Accreditation Panel.

APPIC has again contracted with Drs. Susan Vandermorris and Jacquie Cohen, both former Directors of Training of CPA-accredited residency programs with long histories of involvement in residency training, to offer the ARP-C. Drs. Vandermorris and Cohen assess programs’ readiness to participate in the ARP-C, deliver the curriculum in small group sessions, and provide individualized consultation. Monthly small group sessions are each two hours in length and will take place between November 2023 and June 2024. Each session includes an overview of specific accreditation standards and processes, identification of common challenges and strategies to manage them, and discussion of participant questions.

Previous participants have described the program as practical and applied, supportive, and important for keeping them on track and motivated to complete their self-study. The encouragement, enthusiasm, and helpfulness of the instructors and group members has also been highlighted.

Please note that engagement in this initiative requires a readiness and willingness to participate in a structured program with monthly tasks, to receive a high level of consultative support, and to complete a self-study for accreditation. Programs are selected based on a number of criteria related to readiness. Applying for the ARP-C does not guarantee admission.

If you are interested in taking part in this program or have other questions about the timeline or goals of the project, please email Dr. Susan Vandermorris at svandermorris@baycrest.org or Dr. Jacquie Cohen at Cohen@nshealth.ca. If you have questions about APPIC’s involvement in this program, please contact Dr. Shiloh Jordan at shiloh.e.jordan@gmail.com.

Shiloh Jordan, Ph.D., ABPP
Member, APPIC Board of Directors