This portal is for academic Directors of Clinical Training (DCTs) to verify their students’ internship eligibility and readiness. DCTS will NOT have access to this portal until one of their students submits their AAPI for DCT Verification. Once a student submits their AAPI for DCT Verification, the DCT will receive an email, entitled “Director of Clinical Training Request” from “no-reply@time2track.com” with portal login information. Note, the AAPI DCT Verification Portal functions optimally­ on Chrome or Firefox browsers.



  • On 9/15, students can add internship programs to their AAPI portal. At that point, they can then input letter writer information and attach their cover letters, essays, CVs, and supplemental materials to the applications for their selected sites. Beginning October 3, applicants can begin submitting their applications!
  • Remind your students to double-check that they added the right internship program to their site list within their AAPI portal by cross-checking the site’s APPIC Program Member Number.
  • Please STRONGLY advise your students to NOT wait until 11pm the night before the application is due. There are always glitches, surges, and other phenomena that are not always in our control. Students should aim to submit their applications at least 72 hours prior to the deadline
  • Remind your students that ALL internship sites' portals will close on 11:59pm EASTERN STANDARD TIME on their specified deadline date in the AAPI portal regardless of the time zone of the internship program.



Throughout the application cycle, DCTs will be able to download a spreadsheet on their DCT Portal Dashboard detailing where their students have applied to internship including the accreditation status of each site.  Additionally, through June 30th of each cycle, DCTs can download copies of every AAPI their students submitted that cycle.  APPIC recommends that DCTs download one copy of each students’ AAPI to place in their student file as it is not uncommon for students to inquire about it for postdoc or licensure down the road.



In April 2022, APPIC provided a 3-hour Webinar entitled, “All Things Internship!
Tips from APPIC for New and Experienced DCTs”. 
If you are a DCT and are interested in seeing the slides, please email jbaker@appic.org.

Each August and September, AAPI offers AAPI Q&A Sessions for DCTs.  Information about these sessions can be found in the APPIC Calendar.



Start with the DCT VERIFICATION PORTAL HELP CENTER where the most common questions are covered.

For technical questions or difficulties with the DCT Verification Portal in Time2Track, please contact customer support at time2trackinfo@liaisonedu.com or call 800-940-5095 ext. 0 (phone hours: Mon-Fri 9am to 5pm EST).

For content-related questions about the AAPI, please contact the AAPI Coordinator, Dr. Kimberly Hill, at AAPIcoordinator@appic.org.