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Postdoctoral Membership Readiness Project (P-MRP)

Postdoctoral Membership Readiness Project (P-MRP)

Last Updated 01/19/2023

APPIC invites prospective postdoctoral member programs to consider participating in the Postdoctoral Membership Readiness Project (P-MRP), which is designed to support programs in pursuing APPIC membership. APPIC membership serves as a mechanism by which postdoctoral training programs demonstrate meeting a minimum standard of quality, which may be attractive to potential applicants. Membership also creates a professional community for programs and offers access to APPIC’s Informal Problem Consultation process and other support services.

APPIC has contracted with Clover Educational Consulting Group (Clover) to administer Phase IV of the Postdoctoral Membership Readiness Project (P-MRP). To date, Clover has supported the development, APPIC membership, and/or accreditation of well over 250 psychology training programs. In its role as administrator of the P-MRP, Clover will select up to 18 programs to receive monthly consultation and support in developing an application for APPIC membership over the period of March to July 2023.

Program participants will network with colleagues from other postdoctoral training programs while receiving expert consultation and feedback regarding the development of their APPIC membership application. Selected programs will participate in Clover-administered learning communities, through which they will receive pre-recorded instructional webinars related to the APPIC membership process, monthly live group instruction, tailored individual consultation, and comprehensive feedback on application materials.

If selected, your training program will begin engaging in learning community activities in March 2023. Please note that engagement in this initiative indicates a readiness and willingness to participate in a structured program with monthly tasks, to receive a high level of consultative support, and to complete and submit an application for APPIC membership by August 1st, 2023. Participants will be selected based upon specific criteria related to the likelihood that they will meet APPIC membership requirements. Because participant slots are limited, programs are encouraged to apply as soon as possible. Please note that applying to participate does not guarantee inclusion in the project.

To apply to participate, please complete the brief application form found at the following link. We expect the application to take fewer than five minutes. Please submit your online application no later than February 10th, 2023, in order to be considered for inclusion.

Link to application:

Please direct any questions related to the P-MRP to Jenna Symons, Psy.D., Senior Staff Consultant with Clover Educational Consulting Group, at Questions related to APPIC’s facilitation of this initiative may be directed to Daniel Hurley, Ph.D. at


Daniel B. Hurley, PhD

Eastern Health, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada