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Frequently Asked Questions:
FAQs for Internship Applicants


  1. How do I register for the APPIC Match?
  2. What if I want to participate in the Match with a partner?
  3. My doctoral program has determined that I won’t be ready (due to delayed completion of my academic requirements) to participate in Phase I of the Match. However, if I complete those requirements in time to participate in Phase II, may I do so?


  1. Which students are eligible to participate in the APPIC Match and attend an APPIC-member internship program?
  2. Will all internship sites be participating in the Match?
  3. What are the differences between APA/CPA Accreditation and APPIC Membership?
  4. Should I consider attending a non-accredited or non-APPIC member internship program?
  5. Is it possible for me to complete two internships? For example, if I accept a non-accredited internship this year, can I apply for a second, accredited internship the following year?
  6. Is it acceptable to complete an internship after the doctoral degree has been awarded?
  7. What about these businesses that are offering to help me get an internship for a fee?
  8. What about issues of pregnancy and family care during internship?


  1. Why is the APPIC Match conducted in two phases?
  2. What is the timeline for Phase I?
  3. What is the timeline for Phase II?


  1. What is my “Rank Order List”?
  2. What considerations are important in developing my Rank Order List?
  3. What if I decide that I’m not interested in being matched to a particular internship program to which I applied?
  4. Why is it that some internship sites offer more than one “program” in the Match (and thus use more than one Program Code Number)?
  5. How do I rank a site that has several different programs and thus uses several code numbers?
  6. Are there any restrictions on communication between applicants and programs during the Match?
  7. How confidential is my Rank Order List?
  8. What should I do if an internship site pressures me to reveal my rankings?
  9. Under the Matching Program, can’t people still make “under the table” deals? What should I do if an internship site wants to negotiate such a deal?
  10. What if I decide not to submit a Rank Order List for the Match?
  11. Where can I get more information about ranking programs and the submission of Rank Order Lists?


  1. Does the Matching Program favor applicants or programs?
  2. How do I find out the results of the Match?
  3. I heard that APPIC releases results to applicants in two steps. Has that changed?
  4. How binding are the results of the Match?
  5. What happens once I successfully match to an internship position?
  6. I didn't get matched in either Phase of the APPIC Match. What should I do now?
  7. I am surprised and disappointed that I was matched to an internship program that was much farther down on my list than I had anticipated (or I wasn't matched at all). How could this happen?
  8. What if I have concerns about my ability to fulfill my obligation to attend the internship program to which I have matched?


  1. What is Phase II all about and why does it exist?
  2. When does Phase II of the Match begin?
  3. Who is eligible to participate in Phase II?
  4. How do I register for Phase II?
  5. What is the cost to participate in Phase II of the Match?
  6. What is the timeline for Phase II?
  7. How do I know which internship programs are offering positions in Phase II?
  8. What are the characteristics of programs that will have unfilled positions in Phase II?
  9. What do I need to do to get prepared for Phase II?
  10. How do I prepare my AAPI Online application for Phase II?
  11. Is there a way for programs that are participating in Phase II to communicate with applicants?
  12. How do I submit applications for Phase II?
  13. Am I permitted to apply to any internship program that is offering positions in Phase II of the Match?
  14. How many applications should I submit during Phase II?
  15. How does the application “deadline” in Phase II work?
  16. Will internship programs notify me that they have received my application in Phase II?
  17. Will internship programs let me know whether or not I received an interview in Phase II?
  18. What do I do once I have submitted my applications in Phase II?
  19. Are there any special considerations when submitting my Rank Order List in Phase II?
  20. Is there anything different about how the results are released in Phase II?
  21. What is the likelihood of my getting matched in Phase II?
  22. What happens if I get matched in Phase II?
  23. What are my options if I DON’T match in Phase II?


  1. How does the Matching Program assist couples?
  2. Can you tell me more about how the "Couples Match" works?
  3. Will the Couples Match reduce our chances of being matched to internship sites?



Complete information about the APPIC Post-Match Vacancy Service is available by clicking on the "Post-Match Vacancy Service" link in the "Internships" menu above (you may also click here to access that information).