There is no cost to complete an application in the AAPI CAS system. Moreover, there is no need for students to pay for a Time2Track subscription in order to enter their practicum hours as there is a free “AAPI Tab” section within Time2Track. Application fees are charged to students on a per application basis and occur at the point of application submission.

Match statistics indicate that students submit an average 15 applications. APPIC recommends that most applicants should submit no more than 15 applications as the Match data consistently shows that submitting more than 15 applications does not improve applicants' chances of matching. AAPI fees are charged per application and the rate increases substantially after 15 applications. The AAPI fees are $50.00 to submit the first application and $32 for each of the next 2-15 submissions and $60 for applications 16 and above. The APPIC Board works hard to ensure that the cost of the internship application process remains as low as possible.



AAPI application fees are not eligible for reimbursement unless a program closes prior to the submission of the Rank Order List for that application cycle. In the unfortunate circumstance in which an internship program withdraws from the match, applicants do not need to do anything to initiate the refund. The automatic refund process is triggered when the internship site notifies the National Match Service and APPIC that they will no longer be able to accept interns as planned. At that point, the finance department at Liaison will process the refund to the original form of payment within a few weeks.