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Competencies Conference 2002


During the past few years, a number of developments have signaled that the time has come to hold a conference focused on the identification, training, and evaluation of professional competencies for health and human service providers and educators in psychology. These developments include, but are not limited to: conferences, workgroups, and commissions throughout North America and Europe; efforts among various groups to identify core and specialized competencies; and initiatives to facilitate mobility. There is an increasing realization that the articulation, identification, and evaluation of competencies that define a psychologist enable the profession to communicate to the public and legislators about services psychologists can provide. The purpose of Competencies 2002 is to bring together representatives from diverse education, training, practice, public interest, research, credentialing, and regulatory constituency groups to engage in a process of: (1) identification of core and specialized competencies building upon already existing models; (2) formulation of developmental and integrated models of competencies for the training of the next generation of psychologists; and (3) development of strategies for the evaluation of competencies. It is hoped that this conference will serve as a catalyst for continued collaborative efforts related to the identification, training, and evaluation of competencies; foster links between a broad array of constituency groups to better train the next generation of psychologists; enhance the competence of professional psychologists; and better serve and protect the public.

 Competencies Conference Workgroup Summaries
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