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Policy for APPIC-Member Programs Requesting Program Withdrawing Status or Deemed Inactive

Policy for APPIC-Member Programs Requesting Program Withdrawing Status or Deemed Inactive


APPIC Member in Program Withdrawing Status

APPIC allows dues-paying member internship or postdoctoral programs in good standing to shift to program withdrawing status when the program does not expect to recruit interns or postdocs for the following training year yet continues to have current trainees completing the program. This status is typically requested by programs that intend to close and are completing the training year for their final interns/postdoctoral fellows.

Program withdrawing status is a time-limited status; typically, programs may maintain this status for up to one year after current interns or postdoctoral fellows are no longer on site. To maintain this status as an APPIC Member program, dues must be paid, and the program must continue to abide by all APPIC membership criteria and policies. APPIC-member programs are expected to pay dues for any year in which they are actively training interns/ postdoctoral fellows. To move into “withdrawing” status with APPIC, a program must provide a written request from the Training Director either as a letter or via email. The communication should indicate the expected final date the program will cease training interns or postdoctoral fellows.

Programs that have elected to move to “withdrawing” status must indicate in their program description in the APPIC Directory that the program is "not recruiting for the upcoming year" The program should also indicate there are “zero” positions available for the next training cycle and should indicate “No” to the item asking if they are “Accepting Applications in the APPIC Directory.”

APPIC-member programs in withdrawing status will continue to receive APPIC-member benefits through the end of their paid dues year.

Inactive Status (For APPIC-Member Programs Electing Discontinuance or Expelled from APPIC Membership)

Programs that have requested they be removed from membership or programs that have ceased communication with APPIC, have otherwise not abided by the Policy on Communication and Relationship with APPIC, have not submitted a required membership renewal application (i.e., usually for unaccredited internship or postdoctoral programs undergoing three-year review), or have not paid their dues and fees in a timely way may be subject to being moved to "inactive" status by APPIC. Inactive status indicates the program was once an APPIC member but is no longer a member program. Programs placed in inactive status will no longer be visible to the public in the APPIC Directory. Once inactive status is placed on a program, they are no longer members of APPIC. Programs that have been placed in inactive status and wish to resume APPIC membership are required to submit a new membership application through APPIC’s eMembership system.