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Member Internship Withdrawing or Inactive Status

Policy for APPIC-Member Programs Requesting Internship Withdrawing Status or Placed in Inactive Status

APPIC allows programs to use "internship withdrawing" when they no longer expect to recruit interns or postdocs for the next year.  They must place a notice in the APPIC DoL that declares they are "not recruiting for the upcoming year". Programs may remain in "internship withdrawing" for up to one year after interns or postdocs are no longer on site but they must pay dues to remain in good standing and abide by all APPIC policies.

Programs that have ceased communication with APPIC or have not paid their dues and fees may be subject to being placed in "inactive" status. Inactive status indicates the program was once an APPIC member but is no longer a member in good standing. Please see the APPIC Policy on Relationship and Communication with APPIC.

To initiate internship withdrawing status with APPIC, a program needs to send a letter or email on program letterhead that states the final date the site will cease training interns or postdoctoral fellows and place a notice in the DoL "not recruiting for the upcoming year".

If internship withdrawing status has been requested, programs still need to be a dues-paying member of APPIC during the time they are training interns or post-doctoral fellows in order to fulfill their contract with interns/postdoctoral fellows regarding APPIC membership. It is a condition of membership to be in good standing with regard to payment of dues while still training interns/postdoctoral fellows. Thus, if a program requests internship withdrawing status during a given year, they will be expected to pay dues for that year if they are still training interns/postdoctoral fellows during part of that year. If dues are not paid, it may impact interns' ability to seek licensure in some states.

While programs are "withdrawing", if dues are paid, programs will continue to receive the following benefits:
  • APPIC Newsletter
  • Training and Education in Professional Psychology (TEPP) Journal
  • Member status for APPIC workshops and Conference
  • Listed in the online APPIC Directory with a note stating: "Site is not training interns through (xx, xx, xxxx) date."
  • Access to APPIC list serves

Important Notice: Programs that withdraw from the Match in the same year they request internship withdrawing status must submit a letter via email or fax that includes the date current students will complete their internship.

If inactive status is placed on a program, they are no longer members of APPIC and did not abide by the policies of APPIC with expected communication, payment of dues and fees and submitting their program review if they are an unaccredited program. APPIC requires all unaccredited programs to submit their updated renewal documents every 3 years or whenever APPIC requests a review. Please see the APPIC Policy on Communication and Relationship with APPIC. Sites that are placed in inactive status and wish to become APPIC members are required to submit a new application through the eMembership systems for APPIC.