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Communication and Relationship with APPIC

Policy on Communication and Relationship with APPIC

July 25, 2014

Revised April 1, 2019


APPIC-member internship and postdoctoral programs and doctoral program associates (DPA) programs demonstrate their commitment to quality training by fulfilling the responsibilities of APPIC membership/affiliation in a timely manner and by communicating effectively with APPIC and the public.In this regard, member programs are required to:

  1. Update their APPIC Directory Online information in a timely manner, including the annual Directory Online update; changes in the eMembership profile and whenever changes to the training program cause the existing Directory information or APPIC DPA database to become inaccurate or out of date.

  2. Ensure that both the APPIC Central Office and National Matching Services are notified in a timely manner of a change of Training Director / Director of Clinical Training and/or contact information for the program.

  3. Respond in a complete and timely manner to requests for information from APPIC.

  4. Take prompt corrective action when notified by APPIC of being out of compliance with APPIC Policies.

  5. Remain in good standing with APPIC in terms of payment of all dues and fees.

  6. Notify APPIC in a timely manner whenever significant changes occur in program's environment, plans, resources, or operations. Such changes include, but are not limited to:additions, substantial changes, or removal of rotations or consortium partners; staff changes that may influence the quality of the training experience; substantial changes to the institution's or program's mission or resources or to the training program's structure, processes, or practices; or changes to the program’s APA-; PCSAS-; or CPA-accreditation status.

  7. Complete the APPIC membership renewal review process every three years (applies to non-accredited programs only) or when required by APPIC due to significant program changes or concerns.


APPIC Actions

If a member program falls out of compliance with any APPIC Policy, APPIC will attempt to resolve the situation via informal (email and/or non-responsiveness may result in APPIC issuing a formal warning of non-compliance along with a specific date (not less than 30 days) by which compliance is expected. If the program does not adequately respond to this notification and resolve the issue by the deadline, the APPIC Board may take the following action(s):

    1. The program will be deemed to have decided to voluntarily begin "withdrawing" status with APPIC. This means the program will not be allowed to use APPIC services. The program will not have to reapply for membership if they respond within 12 months of starting this process but must pay membership dues and comply with all APPIC policies to stay in good standing.

    2. The program will be deemed to have decided to voluntarily discontinue their membership with APPIC and will be placed in inactive status. Programs that are deemed inactive will have to submit a new application and be reviewed by the applicable APPIC Membership Review Committee.