2012 APPIC Conference Posters

1   The Use Of Technology In The Supervision Process.
Eugene Moan, Ed.D. & Kim Kalas, Ed.D.

2 Defining Diversity Training In A Clinical Health Psychology Residency.
Michael Teschuk, Ph.D. & Maxine Holmqvist, Ph.D.
3 Internship As The Capstone Experience:  One State’s Experience With Licensure At Graduation.  
Deborah Lewis, Ph.D., ABPP & Frederick S. Wechsler, Ph.D., Psy.D., ABPP

4 Utilizing Video Teleconferencing  Communication To Enhance Diversity Training At Psychology Internship And Postdoctoral Training Programs.
Kara E. Vick, Ph.D., Scott A. Cardin, Ph.D., Angelic D. Chaison, Ph.D., Quang X. Nugyen, Ph.D., &  Amy K. Cuellar, Ph.D.
5 Improving The Supervision Relationship: Identifying Expectations Of Supervisors And Supervisees.
Chun-I Li, M.A., & Scott Fairhurst, Ph.D.
6 Supervision: Flexible Structure Promotes Good Professional Development And Counseling Process.
Cynthia Glidden-Tracey, Ph.D. 

7 Producing Positive Outcomes Using An Alternative Model Of Half-Time Internship Training.
Robert Perl, Psy.D., Andrea Morrison, Ph.D., Melodie Schaefer, Psy.D., & Neil Ribner, Ph.D.

8 Project GREAT:  Bringing Psychologists Into The Revolution Of The Recovery Model Of Mental Health Care.
P. Alex Mabe, Ph.D. 

9 Integrating Research Into Clinical Internship Training.
Elizabeth L. McQuaid, Ph.D. & Anthony Spirito, Ph.D, ABPP
10 Supervisor Competencies, Qualities And Activities.
Linda C. Caterino, Ph.D., ABPP & Carlos O. Calderón-Tena, M.A.

11 Fit Of A Wellness Psychology Advanced Practicum To The Professional Psychology Training Competencies.  
Jessica E. Rohlfing, M.S., Marybeth Rigali-Oiler, M.C., &  Daniel L. Schulte, Ph.D.

12 Evolution Of A Competency Evaluation Tool.
Jennifer C. West, Ph.D., Wendi Cross, Ph.D., Marc Swogger, Ph.D., Kathryn Castle, Ph.D., & Deborah King, Ph.D.

13 Intern Preparation:  Setting The Stage For A Successful Experience. 
Kathleen M. Payne, Ph.D. & Robert B. Denton, Psy.D. 

14 Comparing Internships And Doctoral Programs Expectations Of Students.
Peggy Hicks, Ed.D., Jose G. Vega, PhD,  Heather Henkell, M.A., Devon Reckmeyer, M.S., Tim Wilson, M.A, & Loandra Torres, Psy.D.

15 Baseline Competency Assessment Of Incoming Predoctoral Interns And Postdoctoral Residents: Video Based Vignettes And Structured Interview Method.
Allison C. Aosved, Ph.D., Alycia Barlow, Ph.D., Lynn Tokumine, Psy.D.,  Nadine Shigezawa, Ph.D., & Shiloh Jordan, Ph.D.

16 Balancing Competing Interests In The Context Of “The Imbalance:” Maintaining A High-Quality Internship Consortium. 
Brenda J. Huber, Ph.D., ABPP, Sue Swearer, Ph.D. & Jennifer Cornish, Ph.D., ABPP

17 Lesson Learned Over Time To Stabilize A Five Year University Internship Consortium: The Mid Atlantic Internship Consortium.
Gayle Norbury, Ph.D. 

18 The Impact Of A Rapid Transformation Of A Psychology Training Program From Treatment As Usual To One Focused On Evidence-Based Practices.
Sara Sherer, Ph.D. & Brad Hudson, Psy.D.

19 Creating A Virtual Campus Utilizing Distance Technology To Enhance Interdisciplinary Training In Psychology.
Bradley Ogden Hudson, Psy.D. & Sara Sherer, Ph.D.

20 Diversity Training Through Military And Cultural Plunges.
Kimberly Smith, Ph.D. & Catharine Johnston-Brooks, Ph.D., ABPP-CN  

21 The Utility Of Faculty Mentors In An Internship Program.
Shawn Anderson, Ph.D. & Lisa Witcher, Psy.D. 

22 Supervisory Dyads Of Persons With Similar Non-Dominant Identity Statuses:  A Review Of The Literature.
Julia Phillips, Ph.D. 

23    The MSPP Internship Consortium In Clinical Psychology.
Randi S. Dorn, Ed.D.