Joining APPIC

Joining APPIC

APPIC Membership

Internship and Postdoctoral Training Programs

Agencies sponsoring internship and postdoctoral training programs may choose to become members of APPIC. APPIC members must meet certain membership criteria in order to become and remain members. Training programs that are interested in joining APPIC or renewing their membership should click here for more information and to proceed to the eMembership Portal to upload materials required for membership. Membership applications are reviewed twice annually. The application deadlines are April 1 and September 1 of each year (applications must have completed their eMembership application by that date to be reviewed during the Spring or Fall meetings).  APPIC is a membership program and is not an accreditation process and cannot assure educational quality of a member program.  Applicants for the fall cycle MUST register as NON MEMBERS for the APPIC Match through National Matching Service prior to their application being considered.  Click HERE for details on deadlines and fees.

Academic Programs in Psychology 

Academic programs that offer doctoral degrees in psychology may become APPIC "Doctoral Program Associates." The subscription package provides substantial benefits to the academic program and its students. Click here for more information.

Begin Your Application 

Your program may already be a member of APPIC. Click here to search by school or program name. After verifying your program is not already registered as an APPIC member, click here to proceed to registration.

Students and Postdoctoral Residents 

While students and postdoctoral residents do not have any formal membership status with APPIC, they may take advantage of the many services that were developed specifically for their use. Click here for more information.

Withdrawing Status

APPIC allows programs to use the category "Withdrawing" when they no longer believe they will be recruiting an intern or postdoctoral class but want to stay members of APPIC.  The status "withdrawing" and allows programs to remain members while they address issues of membership (i.e. securing funding for the next class, securing the required number of licensed supervisors, and/or other issues that effect the stability of the program).

To internship withdrawing status with APPIC, a program needs to send a letter or email on program letterhead that states the final date the site will cease training interns. APPIC dues must be paid for the entire year if a program is training interns or postdoctoral fellows during part of the year withdrawing status is requested. If withdrawing status extends beyond one year from the date of notification and the site requests to change the status from withdrawing to member again, the site must submit application materials to the Membership Review Committee and pay the current year's dues. For more information, read the APPIC Withdrawing Status Policy.

APPIC Central Office

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