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APPIC/APA PostDoc Summit Application

The Portal is CLOSED. No More applications are accepted for this postdoc summitt. Thanks Everyone! APPIC, with the support of APA's Education Directorate, Board of Educational Affairs (BEA), is pleased to announce it will be hosting a Postdoctoral Psychology Training Summit immediately following the 2016 APPIC Membership Conference in New Orleans. The summit dates are Saturday May 28, 2016 noon to Sunday May 29, 2016 5pm. Postdoctoral training, although a critical component in the sequence of psychology training, has evolved in the absence of any organizing structure. APPIC believes the time is right to bring together major stakeholders to develop roadmaps that address the crucial issues in postdoctoral training for the betterment of the programs, trainees and the public. It is expected that summit participants will work to increase cohesion, collaboration and commonality across the postdoctoral landscape.

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1. Defining the purpose of postdoctoral training2. Defining what constitutes a Postdoctoral Program3. Addressing pressures on the Boulder Model4. Determining if postdoc programs even need a member organization (e.g., APPIC)5. Defining key elements of postdoctoral training 

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6. Developing more uniform or standardized national recruitment and selection practices7. The importance of accreditation in postdoctoral training8. Implementing a universal directory of programs9. Implementing a post-selection “Clearinghouse”10. Creating behavioral competency benchmarks for the postdoctoral level of training/development 

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