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Program Statistics

This page presents the summary statistics for APPIC-member internship and postdoctoral programs from the APPIC Directory Online. In approximately June of each year, shortly after the conclusion of the annual Directory update, a "snapshot" of the Directory is taken and published as a downloadable .pdf file. Each .pdf file contains tables (Appendicies A and B) that present summary statistics for APPIC-member internship and postdoctoral programs. These tables of statistics are published below.

APPIC Directory Statistics - 2011-2012 - Published in June, 2011 for the 2012-2013 training year
APPIC Directory Statistics - 2010-2011
APPIC Directory Statistics - 2009-2010
APPIC Directory Statistics - 2008-2009
APPIC Directory Statistics - 2007-2008
APPIC Directory Statistics - 2006-2007
APPIC Directory Statistics - 2005-2006

For questions about this information, please contact the APPIC Directory Online editor:

Mary Mendoza-Newman, PhD

Other Directories

The following websites provide Directories of training programs in specialty areas for internship and postdoctoral training: