Thanks to the strong support of Congressman Bill Young (R-FL), Chairman of the House Appropriations Committee, and the determination of Dr. Betty Duke, the Administrator for HRSA, we are very pleased to announce that each of the 18 FY2002 GPE grantees (who were denied the opportunity to re-compete for FY2003 funding) will receive an administrative supplement for FY2003 to maintain their funding through April 30, 2004. This increased funding to psychology totals $1.4 million, and is in addition to the 26 FY2003 grants announced in early June and the geropsychology awards to be made by September 30th. The next funding cycle for GPE will begin May 1, 2004.

Finding monies to continue the 18 FY2002 grantee programs followed a meeting held in Congressman Young's office with HRSA officials and APA Executive Director of Education, Dr. Cynthia Belar. HRSA staff agreed with APA and Congressman Young's staff that there had been a number of problems identified in the FY2003 process, and assured APA that steps would be taken to rectify them. Congressman Young's staff also took this opportunity to make it clear that the Chairman strongly supports the GPE program and wants to see it become a permanent program within the Bureau of Health Professions.

In addition to securing monies for the 18 FY2002 grantees, HRSA has taken a number of actions that have resulted in significant gains for psychology. First, in order to assure improved implementation of the GPE program, Dr. Duke has decided to move GPE to the BHPr Division of Medicine and Dentistry (which fits nicely with GPE's focus on interdisciplinary training). Next, the GPE program is to be administered by Roger Straw, Ph.D., a psychologist with over 13 years experience working within the Department of Health and Human Services. Dr. Duke has pledged to take steps to seek input from the field in developing the grant process, and has assured us that all interested educational institutions will have an opportunity to participate in a fair and open competition for the GPE funds. Regarding FY2004 grant cycle, we have been advised that the '04 GPE grant application announcement will be made October 1st, with applications due December 12, 2003. As noted above, the new FY 2004 GPE grant awards will start May 1st.

Finally, we want to acknowledge the extraordinary and most effective grassroots efforts of many psychologist-constituents across the country. This experience has truly underscored the value of a strong grassroots network, and its potential for success. Bravo to all who worked so hard to help us turn a very difficult situation into a very big win for psychology. Congratulations!

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