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APPIC Match Deferral Policy

APPIC Match Deferral Policy

Revised 3/20/2017

APPIC may, in its sole discretion, grant to an applicant and an internship program a one-year deferral of a Match commitment if all of the following procedures and criteria are satisfied:

  1. The individual who is experiencing a hardship (or someone operating on their behalf, such as a DCT) must file a written Informal Problem Consultation (IPC) request with APPIC documenting the situation requiring the deferral.

  2. All parties, including the student, internship program, doctoral program, and APPIC, must agree to the deferral in order for it to be granted.

  3. The hardship that is under consideration should typically be (a) unanticipated, (b) serious, and (c) extreme.

  4. The student’s anticipated ability to successfully participate in an internship, and the program's ability to provide the internship training, after a one-year deferral may be considered by APPIC in making its decision.

  5. The APPIC Chair, in consultation (if needed) with the APPIC Board, Executive Director, and Match Coordinator, makes the final decision as to whether a deferral is to be granted.

  6. A deferral, when granted, means that the student’s internship is deferred for a period of one year.

  7. A deferral is typically granted once to any student or program.

  8. Upon granting of a deferral, the program and student must sign a deferral agreement that describes the deferral parameters and the binding commitment to each other for the following internship year.

  9. In the event that a student or a program who has been granted a deferral is unable or unwilling to participate in the internship program the following year, APPIC should be notified with a request to release both parties from the Match commitment.