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Directory Inclusion Criteria

Directory Inclusion Criteria

  1. In order to be included in the Online or Print Directory dues must be paid by April 1st each year. Inclusion in the PDF Directory also requires that the Training Director, or his/her designate, update their program and user information by a designated date in the spring of each year.

  2. Certain items of information are critical to applicants and/or are required by APPIC policies. These items are required in the Directory Online update page. Member updates are important to applicants to provide current and accurate information.

  3. A program's Training Director may make changes to its Directory OnLine listing at any time. Each Training Director is responsible for ensuring that the program's information listed in the APPIC Directory is accurate and up-to-date. APPIC takes no responsibility for inaccurate or outdated information or for information that has been incorrectly entered by the program. Programs are subject to removal from the Directory OnLine if information is out of date or program dues have not been paid prior to April 1.

  4. Each APPIC member is entitled to one listing in the Directory. Consortia or collaborative programs and single programs with separate tracks must designate a single Training Director and chief psychologist for their single Directory listing.