About APPIC / APPIC Mission, Vision & Core Values Statement

APPIC Mission, Vision & Core Values Statement

APPIC Mission:

To facilitate access, foster development, and support implementation of quality education and training in Health Service Psychology.

APPIC Vision:

Excellent and accessible education and training to develop competent, diverse Health Service Psychologists.

APPIC Core Values:

APPIC's core values reflect our culture and guide our decisions and actions:

Integrity – Adhere to ethical standards in psychology through principled and respectful conduct.
Excellence – Assure and enhance quality Health Service Psychology standards, practices, and opportunities.
Collaboration – Promote collegial engagement with community partners.
Social Justice – Advance diversity, equity, inclusion, and social responsiveness through advocacy and action.

In the service of this mission, vision and core values, APPIC offers a number of products and services (outlined alphabetically below) to benefit APPIC-member internship and postdoctoral programs, Doctoral Program Associates seeking to place students in those programs, and students in health service psychology seeking training in such programs.

APPIC Products & Services

Products & Services Relevant to Both Doctoral Internship & Postdoctoral Fellowship Training

  • APPIC Awards – biennial opportunity for recognition of individuals contributing to an APPIC-member training program for Excellence in Training or Excellence in Diversity Training, among other recognitions
  • APPIC e-Newsletter – online publication offering announcements and updates related to current APPIC initiatives and upcoming events
  • APPIC Email lists – various informational or discussion-based email lists for members and/or the public
  • APPIC Membership Conference – biennial conference offering networking and CE opportunities addressing current issues and evidence in psychology education and training
  • APPIC Membership Criteria – establishes minimum standards for internship and postdoctoral training programs, fostering quality assurance and common expectations
  • APPIC New Training Director Mentorship program – facilitated pairing of new training directors or those wishing to develop a training program with established Training Directors who can offer guidance and support
  • APPIC Surveys – collection and dissemination of information from internship and postdoctoral applicants and training programs to better understand current trends, developments, and/or challenges in training.
  • eMembership – online application portal for programs seeking APPIC Membership
  • Informal Problem Consultation Service – opportunity for consultation with APPIC personnel for guidance and assistance in navigating challenges encountered in psychology training
  • Training & Education in Professional Psychology – journal co-sponsored with APA offering peer-reviewed scholarly literature pertaining to psychology education and training
  • Training Resources & Guidelines on APPIC website – resources and recommendations for developing and implementing internship and/or postdoctoral training programs and managing common or challenging situations (e.g., parental leave, competency concerns/due process)


Internship-Specific Products & Services

  • Accreditation Readiness Project – support for member internship programs in pursuing APA accreditation via structured guidance and online learning communities
  • APPIC Directory Online – online directory of internship and postdoctoral programs in health service psychology that meet APPIC membership standards
  • APPIC Match (Phase 1 & 2) - policies and procedures to facilitate a fair and orderly process of matching applicants with internship programs through an algorithm-based electronic matching system.
  • APPIC Match Instructions, Policies & Statistics – comprehensive information pertaining to participation in the APPIC Match and match outcomes.
  • AAPI Online – online centralized internship application system
  • APPIC Post-Match Vacancy Service – mechanism for eligible internship programs to recruit for unfilled positions and for students to learn of unfilled positions after the APPIC Match.


Postdoctoral-Specific Products & Services

  • APPA CAS – online centralized postdoctoral application system
  • Postdoctoral Membership Readiness Project - support for postdoctoral programs in pursuing APPIC membership via structured guidance and online learning communities
  • Postdoctoral Selection Guidelines – recommended practices for postdoctoral selection intended to increase consistency and clarify expectations in the postdoctoral selection process
  • Universal Psychology Postdoctoral Directory (UPPD) – online directory of postdoctoral positions (includes both APPIC members and non-APPIC members)


Additional APPIC Activities that Benefit Membership

  • Liaison relationships with multiple Training Councils and attendance of various Training Council meetings
  • Member of the Council of Chairs of Training Councils – an affiliation of 13 member Training Councils that collaborate to discuss current issues in psychology training
  • Relationships with other professional associations that intersect with doctoral and postdoctoral training issues; representation of the views of internship and postdoctoral programs to relevant groups and organizations in health service psychology.
*APPIC thanks Dr. Mariella Self for her stewardship on the development of the mission, vision, and values