APPIC 2016 Membership Conference

Poster Presentations

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  • Implementing a Graduate Psychology Education Grant: Training Psychology Interns in Best Practices for Treating Clients with Co-occurring Mental Health and Substance Use Disorders
    Presenter: David Arbeitman, Ph.D.

  • Early Steps toward Interprofessional Training: Integrated Medical Ethics
    Presenter: Jessica Kinkela, Ph.D.

  • A survey of clinical psychology internship supervisors’ perceptions and practice
    Presenters: Martin Seehuus, Ph.D. and Wendi Cross, Ph.D.

  • Establishing disability accommodations: Supervisors’ experiences and perceptions
    Presenters: Drs. Wilbur and Kuemmel

  • LGBTQ Climate and Training Opportunities: Survey Trends and Suggestions for APPIC Sites
    Presenter: Elizabeth Weber Ollen

  • Intern Selection: Is There a Better Way
    Presenter: Kimberley Schaub, Ph.D. - POSTER

  • Evaluating Competencies Through Intern Case Presentations: Many Uses with One Stone
    Presenter: Gayle Norbury, Ph.D. - CANCELLED

  • Starving for helpers: Suggestions for incorporating eating disorders treatment into training programs
    Presenter: Tricia Besett-Alesch, Ph.D.

  • Using a Spiritual Timeline Activity to Increase Interns’/Residents’ Cultural Competence
    Presenter: Michele M. Willingham, PsyD - POSTER

  • Qualitative Clinical Competencies’ in Contemporary Clinical Training
    Presenter: Donna LaPaglia, PsyD

  •   CAP Poster Presenters
  • Rutger’s Instrument for Evaluation of Students in Psychology (RIESP) Project
  • Presenter: Ryan Kettler, Ph.D.
  • Development of a Diagnostic Interviewing Competency Rating Scale
  • Presenter: Thad Strom, Ph.D.
  • Competencies Assessment Project
  • Presenter: Christine Dunn, Ph.D.
  • Creating a 360 Degree Assessment for Health Service Psychology (HSP)
  • Presenter: David Jaquess, Ph.D. et al.
  • Development and validation of a self-care measure for clinical and counseling doctoral trainees
  • Presenters: Mercedes C. Santana, M.Ed. and Nadya A. Fouad, Ph.D. - Poster -
  • Training health services psychology doctoral practicum students, doctoral interns and post-doctoral residents to effectively collaborate interprofessionally in a behavioral health home
  • Presenter: Irina Gelman, PsyD