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APPA Postdoc Application Information

APPA CAS Application for Psychology Postdoctoral Training


APPIC is pleased to announce the newly developed online application system for postdoctoral programs. The APPA CAS (APPIC Psychology Postdoctoral Application) is highly flexible to meet the needs of a wide range of postdoctoral programs requiring basic demographic, internship and postdoctoral programs information, and letters of recommendation while allowing multiple uploads to be defined by individual programs. APPIC believes the APPA CAS provides a significant contribution to postdoctoral training providing a more unified and user-friendly application process for applicants and programs. APPA CAS provides a more coordinated review of applicant information and reduced costs and time for applicants.


  • The Selection Portal training video for the upcoming application cycle is available at: TBD
  • The APPA Online applicant portal is available for the application cycle ( It is provided to students information to create and develop their postoctoral applications. 


Training materials are always in the process of being developed. As new training materials are released, you will find links to them in this section. A series of webinars were offered to Postdoctoral Training Directors. These interactive seminars allowed TDs to see live demonstrations and ask questions of the APPA Online team.

  • APPLICANTS: Click here (not currently available) to see different videos that cover aspects regarding the APPA Online for applicants.
  • POSTDOCTORAL TRAINING DIRECTORS: A training video and a slide presentation Click Here.
  • REFERENCE WRITERS: A training video is available:  Click Here. 


Access the APPA CAS as follows:

APPLICANT PORTAL: If you are an applicant, click here to access the APPA CAS Applicant Portal to create and develop your application. We strongly recommend that you read the general instructions upon entering the portal (see the "Instructions" link on the left). As you enter different sections of the APPA Online, you should click the "Instructions for this section" link in the upper right portion of each page. As you work on your application, be sure to click the "SAVE" button at the bottom of each page in order to save your work.

REFERENCE PORTAL: This portal is for individuals (e.g., internship training director, faculty, supervisors) who are providing letters of reference for students. Once a student has designated you to the APPA Online Service as someone who will be providing a letter of reference, you will receive an e-mail that contains links and instructions for accessing the AAPI Online Reference Portal. If you are providing a letter of reference and have already received your login information via e-mail, click here to access the APPA Online Reference Portal.

SELECTION (TD) PORTAL: This portal is for internship programs to access and review submitted applications. The portal can be accessed here. Please note that, currently, you will only be able to see materials from last year’s applicant pool. The new portal will generally be available by October 1 of each year.  Program Directors needing some assistance when reviewing your applications see the support contact information below!


The APPA CAS is the culmination of a multi-year effort by a volunteer postdoctoral training committee chaired by Dr. Wayne Siegel to make the postdoctoral application process more cost-effective and efficient for applicants, doctoral programs, and internship sites. The APPA CAS has been a collaborative process with APPIC’s partner, Liaison International, a company that specializes in Centralized Application Services. The content of the APPA was created with input from APPIC-Member internship programs, psychology interns, APPIC-Doctoral program Associates, and doctoral psychology graduate students.

APPIC is always open to hearing your feedback and comments about the APPA CAS. Please direct your feedback, comments, and concerns to Dr. Wayne Siegel.

The APPA CAS will be used for each upcoming selection cycle (for postdoctoral training taking place in the next year). The APPA CAS should be used by students to apply to most APPIC-member postdoctoral training programs as well as those non-member programs that register to participate in the APPA CAS. Applications must be submitted online to use the APPA CAS but applicants will want to confirm with the training program as these first few years will be a start up for many programs and some may not yet be using the APPA CAS.

Here is an overview of the process:

  1. Applicants access the APPA CAS via the "Applicant Portal," which means that they will use their internet browser to create an account, enter information into the various fields of the APPA, and ultimately submit their completed application to postdoctoral training sites. Applicants may create multiple versions of cover letters, CVs and essays (e.g., in order to tailor these items to different sites and/or settings) if they wish to do so.
  2. The applicant will also request letters of recommendation by generating electronic requests (via e-mail) to individuals of her/his choosing. These individuals will upload their letters directly into the APPA CAS. While the applicant will not be permitted to view the content of the letter, she/he may attach it to as many or as few applications as desired. In other words, the applicant can decide which letters of reference are submitted to each internship site. 
  3. The applicant also submits one official copy of all graduate transcript(s) directly to the application service via regular mail. These transcripts are verified as official, scanned into the system, and attached to each application that is submitted by the applicant. Undergraduate transcripts are not required.  Some universities will not separate the undergraduate transcripts from the graduate transcripts and these are permissable.   
  4. Once an applicant has completed all aspects of the application, she/he chooses the "designated" sites to which the application is submitted electronically. The applicant has the flexibility to decide which cover letter, essays, letters of recommendation, CVs and if requested, supplemental materials are submitted with each application.
  5. Once submitted, the application is instantly available to the postdoctoral training site for review. Training Directors and selection committees may review applications online, sort and select applications based on various criteria, and download application information in various formats. Please send your transcripts to: APPA CAS Transcript Department at P.O. Box 9131, Watertown, MA 02471.


In establishing the fees for the APPA CAS, the APPIC Board was clear in its mission to ensure that the cost of the application process would not increase for applicants. Fees will be kept low for at least the first couple of years and will be re-evaluated to insure that applicants are receiving a beneficial service for the fees being paid.  

The fees to applicants for use of the APPA CAS will be $25 to submit the first application and $15 for each additional application.

There is no cost to create and develop an application using the APPA CAS service. Fees are charged to applicants only when their applications are actually submitted to postdoctoral training sites.

It should also be noted that the fees for the APPA CAS have similar or lower fees provided by other professional organizations.

Here are some examples of other fee structures, including APPIC:

  • APPA Postdoctoral Application (APPA CAS):  $25 for first application, $15 per additional.
  • APPIC Internship Application (AAPI Online): $50 for first application, $25 per additional. Cost per application increases after first 15. Total for 15 = $400.
  • CASPA (Physician Assistants): $175 for first application, variable amount per additional. Total for 15 = $805.
  • PASS (American Dental Education Association): $238 for first application, $80 per additional. Total for 15 = $1358.
  • CSDCAS (Communication Sciences): $100 for first application, $45 per additional. Total for 15 = $730.
  • PTCAS (Physical Therapists): $130 for first application, $30 per additional. Total for 15 = $620.

Need Help?

APPA CAS Support:

For questions about the CONTENT, IMPLEMENTATION, OR USE of the APPA CAS, please contact Dr. Wayne Siegel.

For TECHNICAL QUESTIONS or difficulties (e.g., difficulty logging on, uploading, submitting applications, etc.), please contact the APPA Online technical support team at  617-612-2061  (hours: M-F 9am to 5 pm Eastern time) or 

For Program Directors needing support for "WebAdmit" when reviewing your applications:

APPA CAS Program Support
716.636.7777, option 7
APPA CAS Transcript Submission:

APPA CAS Transcript Processing Center

P.O. Box 9131

Watertown, MA 02471