Postdoctoral Training

As part of its multiple efforts to better organize and improve postdoctoral training, APPIC is pleased to offer the following resources for applicants and training programs.

APPIC's Email Lists

It is highly recommended that applicants and program directors subscribe to APPIC's postdoctoral email lists. Click on the link above for more information. The Postdoc-News list is the primary source through which information about postdoctoral selection and training is disseminated. This list is information only. The Postdoc-Network list is a discussion list for postdoctoral applicants and programs.

APPIC Postdoctoral Selection Guidelines 

APPIC strongly encourages all Postdoctoral Programs and Applicants to adhere to Postdoctoral Selection Guidelines for the 2017/2018 selection process. Last year, 95% of programs that listed positions (906) in the UPPD agreed to follow the guidelines and the UND – Uniform Notification Date. The APPIC Postdoctoral Program Survey indicated that the guidelines worked well or very well for 76% of programs that responded.The APPIC Postdoctoral Program Survey indicated that 86.6% of applicants obtained a position at the time of survey completion.  Of those reporting on rank of positions, 89.7% indicated that they secured a position with their first or second ranked program. Click on the blue link above to view the guidelines.

APPIC’s recommended Uniform Notification Date (UND) guidelines are currently followed by the preponderance of clinically focused psychology postdoctoral training programs.  Although there may be compelling reasons that the remaining programs are reluctant to participate in the UND, we have found that there are several core misunderstandings that often lead to this decision. The following is an attempt to clarify these misunderstandings. Click on the blue link above to view the misunderstandings.

Universal Psychology Postdoctoral Directory (UPPD)

With the support of the Postdoctoral Training Summit attendees, the APPIC Postdoctoral Workgroup has spearheaded the development of the UPPD. The UPPD, in its debut last year, contained over 900 postdoctoral program listings and was highly utilized prior to and after the UND.  Data from the applicant survey indicate that 73% of postdoctoral offers were from sites listed in the UPPD. The UPPD appears to be serving its intended purpose as the main source for programs to list positions and for applicants to search for positions. This preliminary success is due directly to the APPIC Postdoc Summit held in 2016 to address training issues postdoctoral training. The UPPD has undergone a number of cosmetic and functioning enhancements for the 2017/2018 selection cycle. Click on the blue link above to go to the UPPD. Note: The APPIC Directory Online (DOL) contains listings only for APPIC postdoctoral member programs. 

Although the APPIC DOL and the UPPD share some common information, the UPPD was designed specifically for postdoctoral programs and allows one to easily search by emphasis, focus, or specialty and has listings for both APPIC member and non-member programs.
Postdoctoral training directors:

  • To create a new account and enter a program in the UPPD:
  1. Click on the following link to create an account.
  2. Watch your inbox for an email indicating that your registration has been approved.
  3. After you are approved, log into the directory You will automatically be redirected to the directory page where a large blue button will allow you to add or manage listings.
  • To edit an existing listing in the UPPD:
  1. Click on the following link to log in
  2. Your email is your username.
  3. If you forgot your password, you can request to have it reset.
    • The email or username must be the one used when the account. If there has been a change in director or administrative support and that individual is no longer available, email to make the necessary change to your program’s UPPD account access.

    • It is essential that UPPD listings from last year for the current selection cycle (2017/2018) by August 1, 2017; the application due date, notification date, and start date fields will be cleared out for all programs.
    • To ensure that applicants have current information on your program and time lines, we ask that you log into the UPP and update your program listing(s). We encourage you to review and update all your program information for all listings in addition to those fields that have been cleared.

APPA CAS (APPIC Psychology Postdoctoral Application)

APPA CAS online application for postdoctoral programs that is highly flexible and meets the needs of a wide range of postdoctoral programs. It requires basic demographic, internship and postdoctoral programs information, and letters of recommendation while allowing multiple uploads to be defined by individual programs. APPIC believes the APPA CAS provides a significant contribution to postdoctoral training providing a more unified and user-friendly application process for applicants and programs. APPA CAS provides a more coordinated review of applicant information and reduced costs and time for applicants. APPA CAS is now in its third year. Based on the APPIC surveys, programs and applicants reported overall satisfaction with APPA CAS last year.  Specifically, of programs using APPA CAS, 70% rated it as very useful (4 or 5 on a 5-point Likert scale); of applicants using APPA CAS, 74% rated it as useful or very useful (3 or 4 on a 4-point Likert scale).
* Clicking on the blue link above will take you to the APPIC APPA CAS page which contains detailed information for programs and applicants about accessing and using APPA CAS as well as several educational resources.
 * Note: APPA CAS is not linked to your UPPD (Universal Psychology Postdoctoral Directory) listing. Programs wanting to use APPA CAS to receive applications must register with our vendor and configure a program portal. It is easy to set up and support is available to assist you to complete your program’s information to use the APPA CAS.  Click on the APPA CAS link above for details.

Postdoctoral Selection Education Resources

The APPIC Postdoctoral Workgroup has developed a series of educational resources to assist programs and applicants to more easily navigate the postdoctoral selection process.

  1. Postdoc Application and Selection narrated PowerPoint (you tube). A resource for internship training directors and others to use to educate current interns (postdoctoral program applicants) about the selection process and how to more successfully use the selection guidelines. A pdf of the PowerPoint slides and notes is available clicking on the following link.
  2. Postdoc Video Presentations to educate applicants and postdoctoral programs about the postdoctoral application process.   
  3. The Postdoctoral Workgroup will be holding a series of Q and A Webinars for postdoctoral applicants and training directors on the postdoctoral selection process.

Unfilled Positions after the February 26, 2018 Uniform Notification Date

Postdoctoral positions that are unfilled after 2/26/18, can be listed in the UPPD. This applies to all programs, even if they are not following the APPIC Selection Guidelines. Applicants will be able to filter searches for unfilled positions.

Postdoctoral Programs - that have unfilled position following 2/26/18 should:
  • Log into the UPPD. See the instructions in the section above about logging into the UPPD including how to reset password if cannot remember it.
  • It is highly recommended that training directors test logging into the UPPD well before 2/26/18 to ensure that they can access their program listings.
  • For each listing with one or more unfilled positions, add the number of unfilled positions in the field named "Unfilled positions after 2/26/18."
  • Update the "Application Instructions" field to notify applicants how you want to receive applications for unfilled positions. It that programs be proactive and identify how they want to receive applications beforehand. 
  • Update (save) the revised listing.
  • It is critical that programs update listings when unfilled positions are filled so applicants searching for unfilled positions can accurately identify programs with open positions. This will also prevent applicants from contacting you about positions that have already been filled.
  • Programs should update their UPPD listing to list unfilled position by midnight EST on 2/26/18 since applicants will start searching the UPPD for unfilled positions on the morning of 2/27/18.
Applicants - that have not secured a postdoctoral position on 2/26/18 should:
  • Access UPPD
  • Click on the "Advanced Search Options" button and change the "Unfilled positions" field to "show only listings with unfilled positions."
  • Complete other search fields to narrow your search as desired. See the link for search instructions at the top of the search page.
  • Pay particular attention to the "Application Instructions" field for information how to contact programs and submit application materials for unfilled positions.

Postdoctoral Training Summit

Postdoctoral training, although a critical component in the sequence of psychology training, has evolved in the absence of any organizing body dedicated solely to postdoctoral training issues. Given the growth of postdoctoral training in the US, APPIC, with the support of APA’s Education Directorate, hosted a Postdoctoral Psychology on May 28th and 29th, 2016. The summit brought together major stakeholders to develop roadmaps that address the crucial issues in postdoctoral training for programs, trainees, and the public. Most of APPIC’s recent efforts to bring more organization to postdoctoral training has evolved from the summit.  

Applicant and Program Surveys

APPIC has completed multiple surveys of postdoctoral programs through the years. Please see this  to review a summary of the findings from prior

How to Become and APPIC Member Program

APPIC Member postdoctoral programs are required to provide an organized sequence of training experiences that meet or exceeds membership criteria for APPIC. Training materials should accurately reflect the training experiences at that site. Members are reviewed by the APPIC Postdoctoral Membership Committee every 3 years to ensure that programs continue to meet APPIC standards. Please see the  web page for specific postdoctoral membership criteria.Joining APPIC

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