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Published on Monday, March 6, 2023

The purpose of the APPIC Cynthia Belar Scholarship Program is to facilitate access to quality doctoral internship and postdoctoral training in Health Service Psychology for students facing financial challenges. Among Dr. Belar's extensive and multi-faceted contributions to the field of psychology, she served as the first female chair of APPIC from 1984-1985. 


The APPIC Cynthia Belar Scholarship Application below contains skip logic which will guide you to apply for the scholarship appropriate for your stage of training: 

1) Internship applicants [APPIC Cynthia Belar Internship Applicant Scholarship (ACBIAS)] 

2) Postdoctoral applicants [APPIC Cynthia Belar Postdoctoral Applicant Scholarship (ACBPAS)]

APPLY HERE! 2022-23 APPIC Cynthia Belar Scholarship


For consideration, please complete scholarship application below by the application deadline (March 31, 2023, 11:59EST)