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APPIC - Monthly Community Calls

Published on Tuesday, August 11, 2020

We would like to present to you the Community Calls calendar. We implemented community calls as a way to connect with our membership and to foster a sense of community. Last year presented many challenges in our training community and the community calls served to support each other by generating new ideas on how to approach situations in our training environment. We continue facing many challenges for our lives and our training programs, especially as we attend to racial and health disparities that have persisted for centuries. We hope to support each other as we adapt our programs to address these tensions and to take a unified stand for social justice. On the third week of each month, we will host a community call to facilitate dialogue among our members, moderated by the APPIC board. Based on the feedback that we received, the community calls will be held on the third week of every month; however, the date and time will be different every month to meet members’ different schedules and availability. Based on the needs of our membership, this call may either be topical or responsive to issues raised on the call. Please join us for our first call on September 23, 2021, at 12:00 pm MST.

We will discuss promoting trainee cohort socialization in our new virtual world. Bring your questions and your ideas!

Please block your schedule to plan for these monthly events! We look forward to supporting you further and getting to know you better.

Please feel free to reach out to the APPIC Board with questions, comments, suggestions, and requests.

Thank you for your commitment to psychology training and education. We are stronger together!

The APPIC Board of Directors.


APPIC Committee Calls
09/23/2021 12:00PM MST (1:00PM CST)
10/19/2021 2:00 pm MST/3 PM CST/4 PM EST
11/17/2021   11:00 am MST/12 PM CST/1 PM EST
12/13/2021     11:00 am MST/12 PM CST/1 PM EST
01/20/2022    1:00 pm MST/ 2 PM CST/3 PM EST
02/15/2022     2:00 pm MST/3 PM CST/4 PM EST
03/14/2022     1:00 pm MST/ 2 PM CST/3 PM EST
04/20/2022     11:00 am MST/12 PM CST/1 PM EST
05/20/2022 11:00 am MST/12 PM CST/1 PM EST
06/16/2022     2:00 pm MST/3 PM CST/4 PM EST
07/21/2022     2:00 pm MST/3 PM CST/4 PM EST











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Meeting ID: 823 2899 2940
Passcode: 671442