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APPIC Postdoctoral Selection Guidelines

APPIC Postdoctoral Selection Guidelines

Effective 7/17/2015

Based on information gathered from APPIC’s survey of APPIC and non-APPIC postdoctoral programs and other sources, the APPIC Postdoctoral Selection Guidelines have been revised. While no date is ideal for all programs there was some consensus that a later date (March 7th, 2016) will work better for a majority of programs. APPIC is hoping these revisions, combined with the tips listed below, will foster a smoother selection process this year for both programs and applicants.

APPIC’s centralized postdoctoral application system (APPA CAS will be available again this year. APPIC is aware of a number of issues last year with APPA CAS’ inaugural launch. These issues have been addressed and APPIC is confident APPA CAS will add significant value for both programs and applicants this year. In addition to providing a beneficial service for postdoctoral applicants and programs, the APPA CAS should serve as a unifying force for postdoctoral training programs. Long-term, APPIC would like to see a more formal unified selection process or match for clinically focused postdoctoral programs. We see these Guidelines and the APPA CAS as key steps towards achieving this goal. To this end, APPIC is in the process of planning a Postdoctoral Training Summit to follow the APPIC Conference in April of 2016 as well a clearing house site for unfilled postdoctoral positions

APPIC strongly encourages Postdoctoral Programs to adhere to the following guidelines for the 2016/2017 selection process:

Postdoctoral Programs: 2016-17 Selection Process Guidelines and Tips:
1. Give applicants at least two weeks’ notice for in-person interviews where airline travel is required.

2. Consider using remote interview formats such as video, Skype, telephone or interviews at regional meetings when there is significant burden or hardship to applicants in terms of costs and/or time away from internship.

3. Wait to make offers until Monday March 7, 2016.

4. Utilize the reciprocal offer option prior to March 7, 2016 only if their top applicant receives a bona fide offer from another postdoctoral training program. Program may require validation of the offer.

5. Allow applicants to hold regular (non-reciprocal) offers for at least 24 hours.

6. Notify applicants as soon as they are no longer under consideration and when all positions are filled.

** Please note that two year clinical neuropsychology programs and predominantly research-focused programs are not expected to follow these selection guidelines.
Tips for using the Selection Guidelines:
1. Although reciprocal offers are rare, it is wise to be prepared to make one. As such, complete interviews and have internal consensus on applicant rankings before March 7, 2016. Programs will likely not be able to make reciprocal offers if they have not completed interviews with all applicants (i.e., they may be unsure of who their top applicant is).

2. Adjust application deadlines and review process so they can make reciprocal offers if needed.

3. Be explicit in their public materials and throughout their interview process about their intention to follow the APPIC Postdoctoral Selection Guidelines.

Postdoctoral Applicants: APPIC Suggestions:
1. Inquire whether programs you have applied to are adhering to the APPIC Postdoctoral Selection Guidelines. Please note that multiple non-APPIC member postdoctoral training sites have stated intentions to follow the APPIC selection guidelines.

2. Be aware, if you are applying to both predominantly research focused programs (exempt from the selection guidelines) and clinically focused programs (hopefully following the selection guidelines), timelines for offers may differ. Support or advice from your internship training director or other mentor is recommended.

3. Have your rank ordering of programs completed before March 7, 2016 if not earlier.

4. If prior to March 7, 2016 you receive a bona fide offer from a postdoctoral training program that is not your first choice, you may contact your top ranked program and ask for a reciprocal offer. That program may ask for verification of the offer. If a reciprocal offer is extended to you, it is expected that you will promptly accept.

5. On March 7, 2016, once an offer is made to you, one of three things can occur. You can:
a. Accept the offer on the spot

b. Decline the offer

c. Ask to "hold" the offer. If you decide to hold the offer, then the position is frozen and will not be offered to any other candidate during that hold period. Each site has its own allowance for how long a position may be held; APPIC has suggested at least 24 hours.
6. Hold no more than one offer at a time. After receiving and holding an offer, each time you are offered a higher ranked position, you should accept or hold it and immediately release the offer that you were previously holding.

7. As soon as you either accept or hold an offer, please contact all of the remaining programs that are lower on your preference list and inform them that you no longer wish to be considered at their site.

Things APPIC will do:

1. Engage in significant education through the APPIC list serve and website regarding the Postdoctoral Selection Guidelines and tips.

2. Reach out to APPIC and non-APPIC programs and encourage them to follow the guidelines.

3. Disseminate the guidelines to applicants and Training Directors through ListServs.

APPIC Postdoctoral Post-Notification Date Unfilled Position Portal:

APPIC, as part of its multiple efforts to better organize and improve postdoctoral training, is pleased to announce the launch of a Postdoctoral Post-Notification Date Unfilled Position Portal. The portal is a resource for applicants and programs to list unfilled position following the notification date of March 7th noted in the APPIC Postdoctoral Selection Guidelines. This resource is available to all postdoctoral applicants and programs and is not restricted to APPIC members. The portal is not intended to the serve as a comprehensive directory of postdoctoral positions.

In recent years, the multitude of unfilled postdoctoral positions have been advertised on APPIC and other professional list serves and mail group which has proven to be a very inefficient system for both applicants and programs. The goal is that the portal will serve as “one stop shopping” for applicants looking for open positions.
  • The portal will open on March 7th, 2016.

  • Programs with unfilled positions can register and list basic information about unfilled postdoctoral positions here. Programs are encouraged to remove positions when they are filled. However, program listings will automatically expire after 90 days. Programs can choose to renew listings. All program listings will be deleted on August 1st, 2016.

  • Applicants can do basic searches for open position including state and city. There is a field for program emphasis but applicants are encouraged not to search on that field since there is a not a uniform listing of agreed upon emphases or specialties.
Applicants can access the portal to search for programs here.

Employers (be sure to register HERE first!)
You will see a screen like this if you are in the correct place (This is a SCREEN SHOT ONLY!):

After you Register as an Employer You can access the portal to ADD or EDIT a listing here.

If you are an Employer and are Already Registered as a POSTDOC Employer, you can Login Here (this is not your APPIC eMembership Login)

If you have questions about the portal please contact Wayne Siegel at or Jeff Baker at