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Other Match Rates

Match Rates Among the Healthcare Professions for 2011 

1. Medicine - NRMP "MD" PGY1 match 2011 

Participants       Matched       Match Rate

30,589                22,386          73.2% 

Commentary: The overall rate is inflated by US MD graduates who match at a very high rate (94%).  DO graduates (71%), US Grads of international schools (50%), and international grads of international schools (41%) do not fare as well. 


2. Pharmacy - ASHP PGY1 match 2011 

Participants       Matched       Match Rate

3277                 2027             61.85% 

Commentary: A residency is not absolutely required for Pharmacy, however, obtaining a Pharmacy faculty position is nearly impossible without one.  As hospital pharmacy becomes more competitive, residencies are becoming the standard for hire and credentialing.  


3. Dentistry - Combined specialties PGY1 match 2011 

Participants       Matched       Match Rate

2495                 1601             64.2% 

Commentary: Dental residency is not a requirement for licensure, but is the standard for any of the specialty practice areas (peds, O/M surgery, endo, ortho, etc.)  


4. APPCN Clinical Neuropsychology match 2011 

Participants       Matched       Match Rate

127                   73                57% 

Commentary: The neuropsychology match is not required, but a two year residency/fellowship is required for board certification, many job postings, and for credentialing with many healthcare organizations. 


5. Psychology - APPIC Phases I&II match 2011 

Participants       Matched       Match Rate

3899                 3095             79%     

Commentary:  2339 (76%) of these matched positions were APA/CPA Accredited.

Adapted from:
Brandon Dennis, PsyD
Clinical Neuropsychology Fellow 
University of Kentucky Department of Neurology
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