Association of Psychology Postdoctoral and Internship Centers


Doctoral Program Associates

An academic program that offers a doctoral degree in psychology can become a "Doctoral Program Associate (DPA)." DPAs pay an annual fee of $275 plus a $100 fee for the APPIC Match. The fee includes a subscription to the APPIC Newsletter and a subscription to the DPA-NEWS e-mail list. In addition, students from an APPIC DPA program who participate in the APPIC Match will receive a discounted Directory OnLine fee, and the Training Director will receive notification directly from National Matching Services as to where his/her students have been matched.

Each psychology doctoral program at the same university or school must have its own associate subscription to APPIC in order to receive the appropriate benefits. For example, the Clinical Psychology, Counseling Psychology, and School Psychology programs at the same university or school must each pay the fee to APPIC separately and the paid fees will assure their own unique DPA identification numbers.

Further information may be obtained from the APPIC Central Office. Academic programs that wish to become DPA members to APPIC should submit a completed APPIC DPA Form with the appropriate fees to the APPIC Central Office.

(To apply for DPA status, please click here)