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Mission Psychology
San Antonio, Texas

This listing is not an APPIC Member program and is not APA Accredited. Applicants should be aware that this program has not undergone formal external quality review process.

The purpose of the fellowship at Mission Psychology is to provide a mutually beneficial year of training in the professional practice of psychology, leading to successful private practice. 

The majority of work is conducted in-person. Video therapy sessions and report-writing time may be done from home if appropriate technology and the fellow has an appropriate setup at home for confidential practice.

The postdoc year is divided into three trimesters that correspond to the primary areas of service provided by psychologists in the practice: treatment, neuropsychological assessment, and psychological assessment. Each third of the fellowship will be focused on one of the components, in a sequence agreed-upon in the fellow’s training plan. Although each trimester will have a particular focus, it is likely that fellows will provide services in all three areas, depending on the fellow’s competency, time, and patient demand. 

Fellows will develop an area of practice that fits their experience, skills, and interests, including delivery methods, referral networks, and administrative structure, that would allow the fellow to successfully practice (hopefully at Mission Psychology) upon completion of the fellowship and Texas Licensure. Fellows will complete all Texas licensure requirements for postdoctoral supervised practice. Satisfactory completion of the postdoctoral training program meets postdoctoral supervised practice requirements for licensure in the state of Texas.

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Private Practice Clinic
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APA Accredited
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Psychotherapy related to health issues
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No research time
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Russel Thompson
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Created Date
Saturday, November 21 2020
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Application Instructions
Please submit the following: 1) Cover Letter describing your training and career objectives. We are looking for postdocs who want to develop a private practice as we hope will stay on with mission as a staff psychologist at the end of the postdoc. 2) Example assessment reports, one psychological, one cognitive 3) CV 4) Clinical references with (1) from clinical director of internship at end of CV 5) Jurisprudence Exam Pass Score, EPPP a score if available 6) Proof of current liability insurance 7) Unofficial transcript with date of degree conferral 8) Certificate of APA pre doctoral internship completion

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