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Providence Medical Group Oregon Postdoctoral Residency in Clinical Health Psychology with placement in Primary Care Behavioral Health Integration

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Providence Medical Group - Oregon
Portland, Oregon

Starts on Monday, September 8, 2025

Applications due Friday, December 13, 2024

Program Overview:  

Providence Medical Group Oregon Postdoctoral Residency in Clinical Health Psychology with placement in Primary Care Behavioral Health Integrations is a part of Providence St. Joseph Healthcare Services (PSJH). PSJH is a not-for-profit Catholic network of hospitals, care centers, health plans, physicians, clinics, home health care, and affiliated services guided by a Mission of caring that the Sisters of Providence began in the West nearly 160 years ago. The postdoctoral residency program was started in 2015 with two residents placed in Providence Medical Group (PMG) primary care clinics functioning as Behavioral Health Providers. With ongoing Providence support the residency has grown to accommodate up to 5 residents in the program. The primary intent of the residency program is to prepare psychologists to function effectively in integrated primary care settings as Behavioral Health Providers. Recognizing that this is an emerging and rapidly developing area of practice, the program also provides psychologists with the knowledge, skills, and abilities to function in integrated care leadership roles. Integrated care leadership roles include program development/implementation, expansion of integrated care into health care settings beyond primary care, and development of healthcare policy related to the integration of behavioral health in general medical care settings.

Accreditation Status:   

The program is fully accredited by the American Psychological Association's Commission on Accreditation

Providence Medical Group:

As part of the larger Providence St. Joseph Healthcare Services (PSJH) system, Providence Medical Group - Oregon (PMG) adheres to the PSJH mission, which states: As expression of God's healing love, witnessed through the healing ministry of Jesus, we are steadfast in serving all, especially those who are poor and vulnerable. Additionally, the core values of PSJH are Compassion, Dignity, Justice, Excellence, and Integrity also apply to PMG. The aims of the PMG postdoctoral residency program fit well within the holistic notion of healing communicated by the PSJH mission statement. The emphasis on care for the poor and vulnerable compliments the program emphasis on training residents to serve a diverse range of clients regardless of their life circumstance. PMG operates over 70 primary care clinics throughout the State of Oregon. The primary care clinics have adopted the Patient Centered Medical Home model - a component of which is the integration of behavioral health services. As an early adopter of behavioral health integration, PMG began the process of incorporating psychologists in primary care over 10 years ago. The postdoctoral program is administered through the department of psychology within Providence Medical Group. The department of psychology is headed by the Regional Director of Behavioral Health Integration and Specialty Clinics, is responsible for the provision of behavioral integration services in the PMG clinics throughout Oregon. The Residency Training Director is responsible for the overall administration, provision of supervision/training, selection, placement, and curriculum for psychology postdoctoral trainees. Residents are placed in PMG primary care and specialty clinics in the greater Portland metropolitan area and small communities outside of the metro area. The administrative, staffing, and operational structure of the PMG primary care clinics are all similar. The patient populations are representative of the general population of the communities where they are located and represent a wide demographic and diagnostic range. Consistent with the Providence mission, PMG primary care clinics place an emphasis on caring for the poor and vulnerable in their communities. PMG primary care clinics serve patients with Medicare, Medicaid, and commercial insurance as well as patients without healthcare insurance coverage. The services provided by residents afford them the opportunity to develop specialized primary care oriented assessment, intervention, and consultation skills. Residents are valued members of the multidisciplinary primary care team. The diverse primary care patient populations served by the PMG primary care clinics provide a rich service delivery experience for the residents. The clinics are well staffed with interdisciplinary teams of health care providers and support staff. The diverse staff provide the resident with opportunities for case consultation, staff education, and program development. Residents also will supervise practicum level students, receive mentorship from seasoned providers, complete one 12-month or two 6-month long clinical rotation(s) in specialty areas in addition to their primary placement, and participate in many career development opportunities. Providence's patient care facilities utilize the EPIC electronic health record system.

Additional Information

Agency Type
APPIC Membership
APA Accredited
Recognized Specialty
Clinical Health Psychology
Emphasis or focus area
Health Psychology
Other Emphasis
Behavioral Health Integration
Research Time
Less than 25%
Training Director
Teresa DaVigo, PhD
Contact Email
Contact Phone
Virtual Interviews
Virtual Only
Duration in Months
Hours Per Week
# of Licensed Supervisors
Number of Positions
Applications recieved last year
Will follow APPIC Selection Standards
Estimated offer date
Friday, January 17 2025
Created Date
Monday, June 25 2018
Unfilled Positions
Fringe Benefits
• Medical and Dental insurance • 25 days paid provider time off • 20 hours paid time off for EPPP study • An additional 40 hours paid time off for continuing education • Reimbursement funds are available for tuition/education such as for EPPP exam prep course, study materials, and exam fees • Additional funds are available for registration and travel expenses related to professional workshops and continuing education
Research opportunities
Some opportunity for Quality Improvement project collaboration - independent research interest and opportunities available as interested with system research support available.
Additional Comments
Priority consideration will be given to applications received by the end of the second week in December although the application pool will remain open for consideration until all positions are filled or until otherwise indicated here: Accepting Applications Applicants from APA Accredited Doctoral Programs are preferred. Practicum or internship experience(s) in a behavioral health integration setting are also preferred. Practicum or internship experience in a medical setting is required for applicants to be considered for interview. Generally, position placements included are Family Medicine, Internal Medicine, and Pediatric Specialty, subject to change based on incoming trainee interests and preferences. Individual malpractice insurance is not required for the position.
Application Instructions
Applicants should send a cover letter and CV to Jamie Dressler at: jamie.dressler@providence.org Please request your TWO (2) references email their letters of recommendation to Jamie Dressler directly. Please be mindful of the below dates in applying for our program. Note that we will notify applicants of their interview status no later than the listed date, though notification may be provided earlier. Interviews most often occur on the Open House date listed, though are sometimes scheduled to occur before or after that date based on interviewee/interviewer availability. Our Open House and all interviews will occur virtually. Priority consideration will be given to applications received by the Application Due Date listed however the application pool will remain open until positions are filled. Interview Notification by the last Friday in December Interview/Open House will be held the second week in January Residency offers will be made following interviews and no later than the Common Hold Date per the APPIC Selection Standards. More information on the APPIC Selection Standards for both postdoctoral programs and postdoctoral applicants can be found at: https://www.appic.org/Postdocs/Postdoctoral-Selection-Standards

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