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San Diego, California

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This listing is not an APPIC Member program and is not APA Accredited. Applicants should be aware that this program has not undergone formal external quality review process.

Job Summary

The roles and responsibilities of a Postdoctoral Fellow (Registered Psychological Associate via the California Board of Psychology) at Sentiero consist of the assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of mental, emotional, and behavioral health disorders. Modalities of treatment include individual, group, and family psychotherapy, as well as psychological, neuropsychological, and psychoeducational assessment of children, adolescents, and adults. In addition to clinical and associated administrative tasks, conducting community-based mental health seminars, consultation with internal staff and agency stakeholders, engagement in professional development activities, and attendance at supervision, didactics, and team meetings are requirements.

Locations and Services

Sentiero is a fee-for-service, private outpatient mental health organization that supports patients with private and government-managed health insurance. We offer pro-bono services on a case-by-case basis, with special consideration for underserved populations, active-duty Naval Special Warfare Operators, and military Veterans. 

Sentiero has two San Diego County locations, one in Downtown and another in Carlsbad. Primary patient populations include active-duty service members, military dependents, and Veterans across the lifespan. Services offered at both locations include individual, family, and group psychotherapy, psychological, neuropsychological, and psychoeducational assessments, special education advocacy, consultation services, and opportunities for residential and school-based services. The Carlsbad location also contains acupuncture and homeopathic services.

Sentiero engages in community outreach and partnership, volunteering services for our stakeholders. We have committed annual financial support and access to psychological and wellness services at Sentiero and Sentiero Wellness to support Navy SEAL Foundation's mission for Whole Warrior Health. SEALs from Coronado and Virginia Beach have access to psychotherapy, psychoeducation, acupuncture, naturopathy, functional movement training, and B12 shots via our team. We are also honored to partner with the Charles Humphrey Keating IV Foundation (C4 Foundation). In addition to Dr. Kierce’s appointment to the Scientific Advisory Board, our team supports C4 with program development, monitoring, and efficacy, as well as clinical services and consultations regarding research-based interventions. 

As affiliates and alumni of the San Diego Psychoanalytic Center’s (SDPC) post-graduate and fellowship programs, clinicians in training are encouraged to complete a fellowship with SDPC, including monthly seminars and psychoanalytic individual supervision with an assigned SDPC Adjunct.

About the Training Program

Supervision and training have been an integral part of Sentiero since its inception. The Training Program is newly formed and created based on standards necessary for licensure as a psychologist in California and models recommended by APA and APPIC. Feedback from past informal postdoctoral and predoctoral trainees has also been pivotal in training development. The organization’s Training Program is currently seeking accreditation through the American Psychological Association’s Commission on Accreditation (CoA) and the Association of Psychology Postdoctoral and Internship Centers (APPIC) Membership. 

Training Period

Training is approximately 12-18 months with rolling start dates dependent on the applicant's availability. The range of pay is $78,000 to $117,000. 

Required Training Hours


Reports to/Supervision Received

Clinical Director & President

Essential Functions

Individual, group, parent, and family psychotherapy with children, adolescents, and adults

Perform psychological, psychoeducational, and neuropsychological assessments (i.e., testing, scoring, and report writing)

Diagnostic assessments and the development of treatment plans 

Advocacy for children, parents, families, underserved and diverse populations

Creation of workshops/seminars for community stakeholders

Provide referrals for auxiliary services, assessments, and/or additional treatment when necessary

Coordinate with stakeholders and treatment team members regarding care

Complete necessary billing, clinical, and administrative documentation in a timely manner

Ensure all services are completed according to relevant ethical and professional standards

Individual, group, and peer supervision

Professional development 

Attendance is required for supervision and team meetings

Knowledge, Skill, and Experience

Doctoral Degree in Clinical, Counseling, or School Psychology

Successful completion of APA-accredited Predoctoral Internship Program

Ability to pass requirements mandated by the California Board of Psychology

Adherence to legal and ethical standards put forth by APA and state board

Engagement in personal psychotherapy preferred

Supervision, training, coursework in psychoanalytic psychotherapy preferred

Commitment and demonstrated ability to work effectively with diverse populations

Experience conducting psychological assessment batteries, interpretation, and report writing

Excellent time management skills

Ability to multi-task, plan, and prioritize work

Accuracy and attention to detail

Critical thinking, analysis, and problem-solving

Excellent written and verbal communication skills

Personal agency and independent initiation of tasks

Self-awareness and self-assertion 

Flexible and collaborative in a team environment 

Appropriate discretion and judgment


Depending on guidelines provided by the Governor of the State of California (i.e., “Safer at Home”), a significant portion of clinical services may be delivered remotely via HIPAA-compliant telehealth platforms. Registered psychological associates will receive guidance and training in the ethical and legal considerations of telehealth service delivery, per local, state, and federal laws, CA Board of Psychology mandates, and best practice guidelines offered by the APA as they relate to telehealth practice. Assessment and Intervention: Our organization has elected to return to full in-person and face-to-face services while reserving the right to transition to telehealth practice when clinically indicated or to ensure the safety of our clients, clinicians, and other staff. Given the likely ebb and flow of COVID-19, the coming training year may be characterized by potential agency closures, re-openings, partial openings, and other possible scenarios depending on guidelines provided by the governor of the State of California. Applicants selecting our site should be aware of and ready for the possibility of a portion (or all) of their training experience in Intervention occurring remotely through telehealth, with the possibility of increasing in-person, face-to-face contact during the training cycle.

Additional Information

Agency Type
Private Practice Clinic
APPIC Membership
APA Accredited
Recognized Specialty
Clinical Psychology
Emphasis or focus area
Other Emphasis
Families, Adults, Military, Psychological Assessment
Research Time
Less than 25%
Training Director
Emily N. Kierce, Psy.D.
Contact Email
Contact Phone
(619) 930-9060
Virtual Interviews
Duration in Months
Hours Per Week
# of Licensed Supervisors
Number of Positions
Applications recieved last year
Will follow APPIC Selection Standards
Estimated offer date
Thursday, February 29 2024
Created Date
Tuesday, November 14 2023
Unfilled Positions
Fringe Benefits
Sentiero offers Anthem Blue Cross Medical (HMO), Vision, and $50,000 of term Life Insurance for employees, paid at 100% by the employer. Employees also have the option to add dependents on their insurance plan (100% of the premium paid by the employee). Employees are provided 40 hours of sick time, paid time off for federal holidays as well as the employee's birthday, and paid bereavement time. Four-day, flexible workweeks and the consideration for full-time employment as a psychologist upon the completion of licensure are also fringe benefits of working at Sentiero. Trainees have access to a plethora of clinical and employee wellness resources. Opportunities for paid travel expenses and attendance at philanthropic trips and/or professional development/networking in the community (e.g., San Diego Psychoanalytic Center; C4 Foundation; Navy SEAL Foundation) are available. Access to Sentiero Wellness services for free or reduced cost (Gym, B12 shots, Naturopathy, Acupuncture), as well as attendance at the annual agency summer celebration are also offered.
Research opportunities
Involvement in program development research with the Charles Humphrey Keating IV Foundation (C4 Foundation), a nonprofit supporting and strengthening active-duty Navy SEALs and their families. Research tasks will be delegated by Dr. Emily Kierce, C4 Foundation Scientific Advisory Board Member.
Application Instructions
Please email the following application materials to Sentiero’s Executive Assistant, Ms. Elissa Greenberg: 1. Letter of Intent indicating experience related to goodness of fit at Sentiero and clinical interests aligned with the organization; 2. Curriculum Vitae; and 3. Name, email, and telephone number of three references from supervisors during doctoral training (at least one must be from an APA internship supervisor or training director). Ms. Greenberg can be contacted via email (egreenberg@sentiero.org) or telephone at (619) 930-9060.

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