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Anxiety Solutions of Denver
Denver, Colorado

Anxiety Solutions of Denver is excited to offer a postdoctoral fellowship position at our practice, with a unique program that flows into a planned opening of your own branch of our practice in another location at the conclusion of the one-year fellowship (though we are also interested in applications from folks who are only interested in the postdoc year). We are a private practice based in Denver, Colorado with branch offices in Colorado Springs, CO and Reno, NV. We are highly specialized in the treatment of anxiety disorders, OCD, and other related problems. We practice behavior therapy with a strong emphasis on exposure therapy and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). Our postdoctoral fellowship position will be a unique opportunity for those interested in a career specializing in treating anxiety and OCD. Fellows will receive extensive training and supervision in assessment of anxiety disorders, treatment plan formulation, behavioral theory and its application, exposure therapy techniques, ACT, And other topics related to behavior therapy and the treatment of anxiety disorders. Fellows will carry a caseload of roughly 25 hours per week seeing individual clients and will also receive weekly supervision and consultation, as well as some guided self-study on research literature about anxiety and OCD. We have a dedicated administrative staff that handles scheduling and billing, so administrative work for our therapists is kept to a minimum. What makes this position particularly unique is that it is intended as the beginning of a track towards having us open a new branch of our practice for you in another city outside the Denver Metro area (you will help determine the location, and it can be almost anywhere in the country). We believe we offer excellent quality of care and want to spread our services to locations where it is not currently easy to receive proper treatment for anxiety disorders. The postdoctoral fellowship will be one way to achieve that. This will involve essentially a “private practice in a box” concept in which at the conclusion of your fellowship, we will do almost all of the work for you to set up, market, and pay expenses for your new practice. We did this last year in Colorado Springs and this year in Reno, Nevada for our postdoc who just finished her postdoc year. We are hoping this is a particularly attractive opportunity because the fellowship comes with a direct plan for employment after the fellowship ends, and that it will appeal to those who wish to have the convenience, flexibility, and income of private practice but do not want to do any of the marketing/administrative/set up work for it or pay any of the startup costs. We also believe our practice is a fun place to work. You will be around good people in a collegial environment. Our organizational philosophy is that happy therapists lead to happy clients, so we are big promoters of good self-care, burnout prevention, time off, and not having to take work home. Your total work time per week should be around 35 hours, certainly no more than 40. The things we are seeking in applicants for this position are, in order of importance: – Passion for treating anxiety and OCD and strong desire to spend their career in this area. – Behavioral theoretical orientation – Training in and experience using Acceptance and Commitment Therapy – Specialized experience working with anxiety and OCD – Comfort using a straightforward, direct therapeutic style –Training in and experience using exposure therapy (this is lower on the list because doing exposure therapy is the bulk of what we’re going to teach you anyway). – An interest in treating child clients is strongly preferred, but not required. Most clients will be adults, but we will ask you to see some kids at least for the fellowship year. Seeing kids once you open your own branch is up to you.

Additional Information

Agency Type
Private Practice Clinic
APPIC Membership
APA Accredited
Other Emphasis
Anxiety disorders and OCD
Training Director
Michael Stein, Psy.D.
Contact Email
Contact Phone
303-940-7740, extension 2
Duration in Months
Hours Per Week
# of Licensed Supervisors
Number of Positions
Will follow APPIC Selection Guidelines
Date offers will be made to applicants
Fringe Benefits
6 weeks PTO
Research opportunities
No research component required, though we are open to the possibility of fellows conducting research if they wish.
Additional Comments
As mentioned above, if you are interested in the career track portion of this position, part of the application materials should include a brief statement about where you might want to open a branch of our practice. You may write about any location that you wish, but a couple of notes about this: -- We are most interested in finding a great, qualified applicant who is a good fit for what we do for the postdoc year. Finding someone for whom the career track of opening a branch office for us would work is a secondary concern to finding someone who is a good fit for the postdoc year. Therefore, as mentioned above, if you feel you meet a lot of the criteria listed above for what we are looking for in an applicant, please do not hesitate to apply even if you are not interested in the career track. Also, if you are not interested in the career track, please just be upfront about that. -- The ideas for potential locations that you provide in the statement don't bind you to anything, we are really just looking for your initial thoughts on the matter. -- UPDATE AS OF 12/3/18: WE ACTUALLY WILL HAVE AN OPENING IN COLORADO SPRINGS AND ARE VERY INTERESTED IN FINDING AN APPLICANT FOR THAT POSITION WHO IS INTERESTED IN WORKING WITH US LONG-TERM IN COLORADO SPRINGS. PLEASE EMAIL US FOR MORE INFORMATION IF YOU ARE INTERESTED. Given that we already have offices in Denver and Colorado Springs and since we already have therapists with firm or tentative plans to open in several other locations in Colorado, we are all set for Colorado. While you can certainly put that you would be interested in living/having a branch somewhere in Colorado, please understand that it is very unlikely opening another branch in Colorado would work. If you would only be willing to live in Colorado, your application will be considered as being just for the postdoc year, not the career track. -- Because part of our mission is to help people in areas where it is not currently possible to access specialized services for anxiety/OCD, we are most interested in opening branches of our practice in cities that do not already have a practice like ours. For the most part, this means we are most interested in small to medium-sized cities. Most bigger cities in the US already have providers who do similar work to what we do. Again, it's perfectly fine to list a bigger city as a possibility, just please understand there will be a lower likelihood that would work for us.
Application Instructions
Initial application materials must include a CV, cover letter, doctoral program transcript, 3 letters of recommendation (at least 2 should be from direct clinical supervisors), a brief statement regarding your theoretical orientation, and a brief statement regarding where you might be interested in opening your own branch of our practice. See above for description of this aspect of the program. We are also still interested in taking applications from people who are interested only in the postdoc year but not the career track afterward, so it's fine to state upfront that you are only applying for the postdoc year and will not wish to open a branch after that. If this is the case for you, we would instead like a breif statement about your career goals. Please send application materials to DrStein@anxietysolutionsofdenver.com.

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