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Instructions for Internship Training Directors

The APPIC Post-Match Vacancy Service
Instructions for Internship Training Directors

Updated July 1, 2017

The information on this page applies to the 2017 APPIC Post-Match Vacancy Service.
Significant changes will be implemented for the 2018 PMVS and will be reflected here by early 2018.

The 2017 APPIC Post-Match Vacancy Service will remain open until October 31, 2017.

The APPIC Post-Match Vacancy Service began operation on March 20, 2017 (at the conclusion of Phase II of the 2017 APPIC Match) and will remain available through October 31, 2017.  This service allows eligible internship programs to post information about unfilled positions for students who remain unmatched.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If an intern withdraws or is terminated from a position at your site for any reason, either during the internship year or prior to the start of the year, you must consult with APPIC before announcing or filling this vacancy.  Please contact Dr. Greg Keilin at .


APPIC-member internship programs, as well as non-member programs that registered for the 2017 APPIC Match, are eligible to use the Post-Match Vacancy Service at no additional charge. For these programs, eligibility is automatic and no registration is required.

Non-member programs that did not participate in the Match may use the APPIC Post-Match Vacancy Service if they meet the criteria described in APPIC's policies regarding participation by non-members. Eligible non-member programs must register in advance by submitting a completed "Post-Match Vacancy Service Participation Agreement" along with the appropriate fee to APPIC. Please contact the APPIC Central Office in order to obtain a copy of the agreement and to initiate the registration process.


IMPORTANT NOTE: Students from non-accredited doctoral programs that have not been awarded an accreditation site visit will NOT be eligible to participate in the APPIC Match beginning with the 2018 Match. Please see this FAQ for more information.

An applicant is eligible to use the APPIC Post-Match Vacancy Service if he/she meets ALL of the following requirements:

  1. Is eligible under APPIC's "Intern Applicant Policy," which includes the requirement that an applicant must be matriculating through a doctoral program that is eligible to participate in the APPIC Match. A list of eligible doctoral programs can be found here. Please note that there may be both eligible and ineligible doctoral programs at the same school or university. Applicants who have already graduated from their doctoral programs are not eligible.

    While an applicant must be matriculating through an eligible doctoral program, there is NO requirement to be registered or paying tuition for any particular semester in order to be eligible to participate in the Post-Match Vacancy Service.

    Students who are enrolled in doctoral-level respecialization programs or who attend Universities outside of the U.S. and Canada should consult the Intern Applicant Policy for participation requirements.

  2. Has not been placed into a position by the APPIC Match.

  3. Has not accepted or committed to any other internship position.

  4. Has been authorized to participate by her/his doctoral program.

Applicants who meet all four of these requirements are eligible to participate in the APPIC Post-Match Vacancy Service. Applicants who do not satisfy these requirements may not participate in the Post-Match Vacancy Service and may not apply to or attend APPIC-member internship programs. Students who did not register for or participate in the APPIC Match are eligible as long as they meet the requirements outlined above.

Applicants who have been matched into a position by the APPIC Match, or who have already accepted an internship position, are contractually bound to attend that internship program and may not seek other internship positions.

Students who do not meet these requirements and who wish to consult with APPIC may do so by using APPIC's Informal Problem Consultation process.



Please note that the AAPI Online service will NOT be used to submit applications to sites after Phase II of the Match is completed.  Instead, applicants will submit application materials to sites via e-mail attachment. Applicants who participated in the APPIC Match have been given the ability to download a formatted copy of their AAPIs from the AAPI Online service, which can then be provided to sites that request them.

Following is an overview of the Post-Match Vacancy Service process from the perspective of an internship program.  The process begins at 11:00 am Eastern Time on APPIC Phase II Match Day, Monday, March 20, 2017 and continues through October 31, 2017.

  1. Training Directors who wish to announce vacant positions should submit an e-mail message to Dr. Greg Keilin at with the information listed below in the order shown. The request must come from, or be accompanied by written authorization (e-mail is acceptable) from, the Training Director of the internship program as listed with APPIC and NMS. Vacancies will be posted within 24 hours of receipt (but usually much sooner).

    IMPORTANT: A list of positions left unfilled from Phase II of the Match will not be provided to applicants. Thus, applicants will have no way of knowing about your vacancy unless you submit this information. To avoid delays in posting, please include ALL of the information below in the order shown.

    1. Name of Program.
    2. City and State of Program.
    3. Four-digit APPIC member number. Non-members should provide their Program Code Number from the APPIC Match, or specify "None" if the program did not register for the Match.
    4. Name of Training Director and contact information (phone and/or e-mail).
    5. APA or CPA accreditation status.
    6. APPIC membership status.
    7. URL to your web page (if any) that contains information about your program.
    8. E-mail address that applicants should use to submit applications.
    9. Text of your announcement.
  2. The text of your announcement should be relatively brief (i.e., a few sentences or paragraphs) and may include specific application instructions or requirements, selection criteria, or other information that is pertinent to applicants. Please do not use this service to post a lengthy description of your site or program (although a very brief description is OK) or provide information that is already available on your web site. Programs without web sites may direct applicants to contact the Training Director in order to learn more about the program.

  3. Please be sure that your application requirements conform with the APPIC Supplemental Materials Policy, which limits the number and type of extra materials that a program may request from an applicant.

  4. For programs that are either non-accredited or non-APPIC members: APPIC recently established a "Policy on Public Statements about Accreditation and APPIC Membership" that outlines important requirements for programs that have not yet achieved accreditation and/or APPIC membership. Please review this policy carefully and ensure that your announcement (along with any other public statements, both written and verbal) follows its requirements. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about this policy.

  5. Announcements will be posted to the "current list of available positions" page on the APPIC web site. If you wish to update the information listed, simply e-mail Dr. Keilin at the address provided above. You may also provide status updates (e.g., "no longer accepting applications", "position filled") in this manner.

    If you wish to receive an e-mailed notification whenever this vacancy list is updated, you may sign up for such notifications here. These e-mails will only indicate when the current list of unfilled positions has been updated, and will not contain specific information about the vacancies.
  6. Unless you provide alternate instructions to applicants, they have been instructed to submit their application materials as follows:
    1. Applicants will submit only a cover letter and a vita. They are not permitted to send any other materials (e.g., AAPI, letters of recommendation) unless and until you authorize them to do so.
    2. Applicants have been told to submit the cover letter and vita (combined within a single word processing document) via e-mail attachment.
    3. As part of your process of reviewing applicants' cover letters and vitas, you may choose to invite certain applicants to submit additional materials to you. Please note that any requests for supplemental materials (e.g., testing reports) must conform to APPIC's Supplemental Materials Policy. As long as you authorize an applicant to send these additional materials, it is fine for them to do so. Please note that some applicants have not been given copies of their letters of recommendation or verification of internship eligibility; thus, if you request such materials, these applicants may need some extra time to have them sent by their DCT and/or letter-writers. Furthermore, some applicants may not have participated in the Match and thus may not have completed an application via the AAPI Online service.
    These procedures (i.e., submissions limited to a cover letter and vita) were implemented in order to reduce the likelihood that programs would be overwhelmed by application materials. If an applicant does not conform to these procedures, it is up to you as to whether or not you wish to consider his/her application.
  7. Applicants have been instructed to tailor their cover letters to each site to which they apply.

  8. If you DO provide specific application instructions (i.e., in your posting to the vacancy list), applicants have been instructed to follow your instructions rather than the procedures described in the previous paragraphs. In your instructions, you can ask applicants to submit the specific application materials you wish to receive and via whatever method you wish to receive them (i.e., you don't have to conform to the procedures described above). As previously noted, requests for supplemental materials (e.g., testing reports) must conform to APPIC's Supplemental Materials Policy.

    Applicants who previously submitted an application via the AAPI Online service have been given the ability to download a formatted version of their AAPI. This AAPI will exclude items that were site-specific (e.g., essays, vitas, cover letters) and/or confidential (letters of recommendation, transcripts, DCT's verification of eligibility and readiness). Thus, applicants may submit application materials to you in separate documents.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: Students' AAPI documents will be quite large, averaging about 4-5 MB in size (with some being as large as 10 MB or higher). Thus, most sites will not want to request the AAPI from every applicant, as that could quickly fill up one's e-mailbox. Instead, it is highly recommended that sites request AAPIs only from those applicants who are under serious consideration. Even with this limitation, you should check your e-mailbox often, download students' application materials to your computer, and delete those large messages from your e-mail server in order to free up space for other incoming mail.

    Be as specific as possible in terms of the materials that you are requesting, and request only those materials that you truly want to review. These materials may include: A formatted AAPI, transcripts, vita (included in the AAPI), essays, letters of recommendation, and verification of eligibility for internship from the DCT.

    You should also be aware that the AAPIs you receive from applicants will not have been updated since the original application process, and thus will reflect applicants' training and experience only through approximately November 1 of last year.

    Also, as previously noted, some applicants may not have participated in the Match and thus may not have completed an application via the AAPI Online service.
  9. While the volume of applications that you receive may make it difficult to do, applicants greatly appreciate receiving even a brief acknowledgement that you have received their application. You might consider creating a "form" e-mail for this purpose.
  10. Since students apply directly to your program, it is possible for a student from an ineligible academic program to submit an application to your site. If you have questions about the eligibility of any applicant, a list of eligible doctoral programs can be found here (please note that there may be both eligible and ineligible doctoral programs at the same school or university). More information about applicant eligibility may be found above.
  11. You are free to implement whatever interview procedures you wish to use. If you wish to interview candidates in person, APPIC requests that you give sufficient advance notice so that applicants can avoid the high costs of last-minute air fares.
  12. APPIC requires that, before making an offer to an applicant, you ensure that the applicant's doctoral program has verified his/her eligibility for internship. APPIC Match Policy 9c states, "Prior to making offers to fill open positions, internship training directors must ensure that doctoral programs have verified their applicants' eligibility and readiness for internship. Such verification can occur via a review of the appropriate application materials and/or via direct communication with the doctoral programs."

    When making an offer of employment to an applicant, please remember APPIC Match Policy 9b, which states: "Prior to making offers to fill open positions, internship training directors must verify with applicants, to the best of their abilities, that the applicants have not previously been matched to other internship programs nor accepted other offers." Applicants are not permitted to accept an offer if they have been matched or have already accepted an offer from another internship program.
  13. Once you decide on a top candidate, you can make an offer directly to the applicant. It is up to you to decide how long to give the applicant to make a decision. APPIC recommends giving applicants a minimum of 24 hours to accept or decline your offer, and encourages you to provide more time than this recommended minimum in order to allow them to fully consider the offer and to consult with their doctoral faculty and family members.
  14. An offer that is tendered by an internship program and accepted by an applicant constitutes a binding agreement between the program, the applicant, and APPIC that may not be reversed without APPIC's consent.
  15. Once your offer has been accepted by an applicant, you must put in writing the appointment agreement with the applicant in a letter postmarked or e-mailed no later than seven days following acceptance of the offer. A copy of this appointment letter must be sent simultaneously to the applicant and to his/her academic training director. This letter must include confirmation of conditions of the appointment, such as stipend, fringe benefits, and the dates on which the internship begins and ends. See Match Policies 9f, 7, 7a, and 7b for more information.
  16. Once your position(s) have been filled, or if you are no longer accepting applications, please notify applicants by submitting an update to the Post-Match Vacancy Service as outlined in paragraph #3 above.

In conclusion: Please remember that, while having an unfilled position can be frustrating for a Training Director, being an unmatched applicant is a very challenging and emotionally-laden experience. Anything that you can do to make your post-Match selection process less stressful will be greatly appreciated by applicants.