Integrated Psychological Testing Reports

In this section, provide the number of integrated psychological testing reports you have written for adults and the number written for children and adolescents. This section of the AAPI Online is used by those internship programs who are interested in knowing the amount of psychological testing and report writing that has been completed primarily by an applicant. This section should NOT include reports written from an interview that is only history-taking, a clinical interview, and/or only the completion of behavioral rating forms, where no additional psychological tests are administered. The definition of an integrated psychological testing report is a report that includes a review of history, results of an interview and at least two psychological tests from one or more of the following categories: personality measures, intellectual tests, cognitive tests, and neuropsychological tests. Please carefully review this explanation because it answers the question of what should be included in a report in order to have it satisfy the requirement of an integrated report.

This information is taken directly from the AAPI.  Ultimately it is up to the clinical supervisor to determine whether the report that is generated is an integrated report and the above information is provided as a guideline but it is clear an integrated report is more than a list of tests and scores.  The report is generally integrating the results of the clinical interview and two or more psychological assessment instruments (do not count checklists or symptom measures, such as the BDI or SCID-IV).  The clinical supervisor or the Director of Clinical Training should have input into the decision on what to call a specific report if there is doubt or it does not clearly fall into the parameters above.