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Notice: Students using the Directory should be aware that training directors have been asked to provide accurate information about their program, and to update their entries at least yearly. How much information to include is the program's discretion. The APPIC Board cannot guarantee the timeliness or accuracy of these entries.

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Armed Forces Medical Center
Child/Adolescent Psychiatric or Pediatrics
Community Mental Health Center
Medical School
Prison or Other Correctional Facility
Private General Hospital
Private Outpatient Clinic
Private Psychiatric Hospital
Psychology Department
School District
State/County/Other Public Hospital
University Counseling Center
Veterans Affairs Medical Center
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Clinical Psychology
Counseling Psychology
School Psychology
Ph.D. Degree
Psy.D. Degree
Ed.D. Degree

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 Older Adults
 Gay/lesbian/bisexual/ transgend.
 Ethnic minorities
 International students
 Low income

Treatment Modalities
 Individual therapy
 Couples therapy
 Family therapy
 Group therapy
 Community Intervention
 Crisis intervention
 Brief psychotherapy
 Long-term psychotherapy
 Cognitive rehabilitation

Supervised Experience
 Health Psychology
 Primary Care
 Women's Health
 Eating disorders
 Sexual Disorders
 Sports Psychology
 Rehabilitation Psychology
 Physical Disabilities
 Learning Disabilities
 Developmental Disabilities
 Neuropsychology - Adult
 Neuropsychology - Child
 Serious mental illness
 Anxiety Disorders
 Sexual abuse
 Substance use disorders
 Sexual offenders
 Vocational/Career Devel.
 Multicultural Therapy
 Feminist Therapy
 Empirically-supported treatments
 Public Policy/Advocacy
 Program Devel./Evaluation

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