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This version of the APPIC Directory is no longer updated. It is for archival use only. You have reached a page that is FOR REFERENCE USE ONLY. Please go to the new APPIC Directory at: This page is not to be used to identify current internship training programs.

You may search the OLD OUTDATED APPIC Directory Online for archive information using one of three methods:

You may save the results of any search by "Bookmarking" (or otherwise saving) the URL when displaying the search results. To retrieve these saved results, simply copy the saved URL back into your browser.

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Instructions: Select whether you want to search by name for a Program or a Training Director or Chief Psychologist. Then enter the name of a program (a single word from the program name should suffice) or the last name of a Training Director or Chief Psychologist in the space provided. If you don't know the entire name of the program or the person, you may enter a partial name. You should not use any 'wildcard' search characters, just a partial name will suffice (e.g. a search for 'long' will return all programs and personal names that contain the text string 'long', including 'William Longine' and 'Long Hospital').
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APPIC Member Training Directors:
At any time during the year, you can login by entering your program ID and password in the "APPIC Member Program Login" box, and then review, change, or add information about your program. Any changes that you make will immediately publish to the APPIC Directory Online and be viewable by the public.

The next Directory On Line update is expected to begin on May 1, 2013. Please note that your updates must be completed and submitted to APPIC for approval no later than June 15, 2013. You must submit your program information for editor approval during this update period, even if you recently updated your Online Directory information. Please log in after May 1 to complete your update and certify your site has been updated. You may update your program information at any time but the "printed" PDF will be published after June 15 with the information that is available.


10 July 2012

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